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  • Hey Jay,
    I notice my question went to the part where I can get replys. Do I always have to email you first, or is there a direct way? thanks
    I am new to the site so bare with me. lol
    We need help with connecting the dtv box ,tv and vcr, nothing else,, I notice people ask for dvds and other gadgets. We just need dtv,tv,vcr. We found out its recording or playing back.. thanks
    Hi Jay was wondering if you got my message prior about the "missing" 2nd coverter box coupon for my borther ? Have a great day! SMILE & pass it along!
    Hello Jay!!... Im a webmaster I just add you to my MSN, I want to make you some questions... THANK YOU SO MUCH... Lady MaRµ
    Looks like we'll have to keep our eye on this imagetune character let's hope he's not gearing to flood the board with ads for a particular tuner he's selling in his album.
    Thanks for the additional information about the scanning of the tv channels. All your time and information is very much appreciated. Aleta
    Thanks to you, Jay and 1inxs, for your very helpful information. Thanks to both of you for taking the time, I appreciate it. Aleta
    Thanks a lot for the info. My converter box is DTX9950 purchased
    at Radio Shack. Most likely works the same as the one you mentioned. I have to use the old remote to turn my set on.
    Unable to do so with the remote that came with the coverter box?
    When the TV is on the red dot stays red.
    Thank you for any info. Elizabeth
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