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    Xbox LIVE!

    How many of you posters play Xbox LIVE when you want to have some fun? I play a bunch of games online when I am bored and my brother gets home at night. He always kicks my butt though.
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    WB - One Tree Hill

    My favorite part about this show is that I can relate to it. I used to play basketball in my high school life, and that was me in the show. I got to watch the people grow up and make something of themselves.
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    Grey's Anatomy - Good Storyline

    When I watch this show, I feel like I can get into it so much. The story holds such a great bit that I sometimes forget what I was doing before the show started that night.
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    This show, airing on Showtime, is an amazing show. I've watched every episode that was available, and the story was amazing. Weeds had everything a good show would have. It was funny, made you curious, dangerous, and had a great plot.
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    Is BOSE Worth The Money?

    I have seen these speakers on the market and they are very pricey! The speakers are very small, and there usually is not a lot of them in a package. What about these speakers makes them so good, and so expensive?
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    Sharp 32" LCD

    When Black Friday came around, I went out and bought myself a $650 tv for $500. I bought a 32" Sharp LCD TV. This TV is 720P, which is still very good for a 32" tv. 2 HDMI Inputs, and great picture for the price. I am so lucky I got it because it was the last one available.
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    How often do you watch movies?

    It doesn't matter what day it is for me, usually when I come home from work, I like to sit down and watch a movie. I tend to watch about 4-5 movies a week with my family. How many movies do you watch on HBO?
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    Why Is It Needed

    What makes this new upgrade needed? I thought everything was going good with the normal reception people had with the antennas. Is the government just attempting to make people spend a little bit more money?