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    US Of Tara

    The United States of Tara is what that is short for. This show is a great addition to the Showtime lineup. Have any of you watched one of more of the episodes to this show?
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    My Old DVD Player

    I have had this same DVD player since they were released. It is a Panasonic, and was over $200 when we first bought it. They made a quality player because this machine still runs as if it were just bought yesterday. I am so happy with this buy.
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    How many speakers?

    How many speakers do you have that you think you can call your entertainment center? Also, what kind of way do you have your speakers positioned in your room so you achieve the best sound?
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    His limp...

    Does anyone else get bothered by the limp of House on the show? I really wonder what the show would be like if House did not limp as he walked all over the hospital.
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    Favorite Search Engine?

    When you log onto your computer, and you want to search something on the internet and want your answers to come quick, and correct...where do you go?! I go right to Google because I believe it is the best of them all.
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    More than one dish?

    I have seen some houses, which are not duplexes or multiple family homes, that have more than one dish on the roof. Is there a reason to this logic, or could it be that one is not used and they are too lazy to take it down?
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    Free HDTV with antenna?

    I was with my friends and we plugged in the old antenna because we heard a rumor about free HDTV broadcasts send to the tv through a good old antenna. What do you know, it works. Try this when you have some time.
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    Plasma or LCD?

    There has always been the ongoing struggle between the choice of the type of television technology. Both types have their ups, and their downs. What points of each set do you believe to be the biggest ups that would draw you to buy it. Also, what are the downs that would keep you away?
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    The Best Gaming System EVER?

    What is the best gaming system you think was ever released? It doesn't matter how it compares to the systems out now, just how you think it is the best out there. My favorite is Wii. I know it is a new system, but the fact that the creators made it an interactive system is amazing. Kids have to...
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    Your Initial Reaction?

    When the transition to the new digital television was thrown out there, what was you initial reaction to the change? Do you think everyone is ready to get a new tv if they don't have one? Are you ready?