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    What is the top 10 best T.v to buy?

    Recently I was browsing the web and came across this site on which television sets we should buy. Check this out. Best TV 2014: what TV should you buy? | News | TechRadar
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    Why exactly are we charged for DATA?

    To some people this question might be elementary but I was thinking of how much data I personally consume each day, week, month and im at 8gb-$80.. But have yall noticed how phone/T.V companies are going up on prices steadily every year?:confused:..
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    Tethering cut ?!?

    Straight talk has been my phone provider for 8 years now... since its prepaid and I was tethering the browser ran about 2.5 and then they decide to come out with the hot spot and data security locks...Which in a twisted way is what your downloading when you hit upgrade prl and setting or etc...
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    Dish Customer: When will I get Internet capabilities?

    Having been a Dish Network Customer for well the last 10 years , Well I pay around $70 for top 200 channels and wanted internet since I am in college and do a lot of research and work online. How about I called Dish and asked about the Dish net. and I cant receive it here in Albany Ga...
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    Question: What I need for Apple T.V. to work?

    Ok so I was reading up on Apple T.V. and just want to make sure I understand this correctly... Before I am able to watch Apple I need.. Broadband internet connection A wireless network or ethernet network with a broadband connection of 2.5Mbit/s or faster??? iTunes Store account...
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    My new Puppy

    Rocky and Oliver-Warming up! So it was 33F outside and my hounds were cold so they took over a heater lol I had to share this one of my jack Russell ( Rocky) and my Maltese (Oliver)
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    Buying CD's/DVD'S or downloading/streaming?

    What is your preference? I am doing a survey and wondering if it was up to you, Could you live without your CD's, Disk's, Cassettes?... Don't you think it would be a better thing for the environment if we saved those materials and used it in other ways? Downloading Videos and streaming is a new...
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    What is YOUR all time favorite channels on Roku????

    There are some pretty AMAZING channels on Roku , I mean I cant believe my eyes sometimes! So I was wondering what are some of the channels you love to watch with your friends and family? Some of my personal favorites are PBS, Scifi station, Showtime ,TMZ, and Classic Romance plus Disney, HBO...
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    Rundown- What is HDTV/DTV/CRT?

    Well Duh?!, Should we need the RUNDOWN here's a few specs. With HDTV, you can play movies in their original widescreen format. The first High Definition Television hit the market in 1998. For sports fans, and movie goers this was like tasting heaven. We are use to watching what you call CRT...
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    ***QUESTIONAIRE***Where to start when looking for the right TV?

    Hey There, What is the best television and where should you start when looking for the right television for your home? Many people want the next big thing or what is popular on store shelves but some prefer visually impaired programming and other impaired services that the ordinary or everyday...