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    The Tonight Show

    What's everybody think about Conan taking over? I've never really got much of his humor, but it also took me awhile to get used to Jay Leno. And I kinda liked Leno. Johnny Carson was just irreplaceable to me, guess I need to get those old Tonight Show DVDs. I don't think Conan has what it...
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    FTA: The C-band

    I had another thought, but I don't see a place to post this, so I'm gonna just continue here. Maybe one of the Mods will put this where it needs to go. Anyway, I have one of those BIG Satellite dishes in the yard here, what are they 6 foot, I think, and the receiver. It looks to be in pretty...
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    Looking for Some Help in the Fringe..I think

    Ok everybody I just joined the forum. I've been lookin(Lurking) for awhile. Lots of knowledge being passed around, though I have to admit most of it makes my head spin. I like a lot or most of you am tryin to dial in the ever evasive digital signal. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and there...