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    Reviewing the First Two Episodes of Grand Tour Nation

    Nearly every gearhead (petrolhead for you in the UK) has some familiarity with the long-running BBC program Top Gear. Based around the on-air chemistry of automotive journalists Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Top Gear managed to be a television program that would appeal to both...
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    Down the Memory Hole

    Some nights, you know that you are just not going to be a productive member of society. The easiest way known to man to affirm this decision is to start watching YouTube videos and simply let your appetite for nostalgia suck the hours away. That's what happened to me tonight when I started...
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    Fred for the People

    You should watch this video so you can understand the rest of the article: As a guy who writes about whatever I think are interesting stories for car people, I thought I had a story when my friend started working at Grote Automotive. Every town, I...
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    When Will an NFL Team Have Nothing Left to Lose and Turn the Option Loose?

    In political science, states are sometimes described as the “laboratoires of democracy.” The 50 individual states can try out “experimental” public policies that will then diffuse to other states or, potentially, get adopted at the federal level if successful. Whether that theory is true or...
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    Baylor’s Football Team Lost a Game Saturday. It Shouldn’t Have Been Playing One

    Baylor football should get the “death penalty.” There, I said it. We all know, however, it’s never going to happen. For those unaware of the term “death penalty” and its meaning in NCAA sports, a bit of history. In 1986, Southern Methodist University’s football program became the only...
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    Nope, Brock Osweiler Doesn't Look Like a Franchise QB

    I've been able to watch three of the Texans' games so far this season, including Sunday's mess of a contest and, a preliminary judgment on Brock Osweiler can be made: he's not "the guy." There are two main reasons: lack of accuracy and lack of ability to read and diagnose defenses. First, the...
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    The Chargers Last Chance

    Going by records, this should be another weak Thursday night game, but, don't be so quick to dismiss this one. The Chargers are in an absolute must win situation and the Broncos are winning games in an ugly fashion which hardly assures that this 4-1 versus 1-4 matchup will end up as predicted...
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    2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Quick Take

    2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 Quick Take Note: I’m going to have some more car-oriented content coming up soon since the blog on” cars that car dealers drive” got some decent feedback, but I wanted to just fire off a quick take on the 2016 MX-5 I drove today. My first two cars were 1984 Volkswagen...
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    Will the Madness Stop on Thursday Night and Sunday Games to Watch

    OK, so I’m glad I don’t make any predictions here because last week I only got 5 of 16 outcomes right in my private pick ‘em league, including faceplanting on the Bills and Vikings upsets, like, you know, 90% of people making such predictions. So, if this insanity keeps up, the Dolphins will...
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    What's wrong with Notre Dame?

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this for the Irish. Notre Dame saw themselves (as always) entering this season as a team with playoff aspirations. But those are on life support, at this point, halfway through the Duke game. First of all, the Irish are not getting any interior penetration, on...
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    A Series of Depleted Rivalries and Reality Check Time for Carson Wentz

    Look at this week’s NFL schedule and ponder how good it would have been 2-3 years ago: Denver vs. Cincy, Detroit vs. Green Bay, San Fran vs. Seattle, San Diego vs. Indy, Chicago vs. Dallas, Atlanta vs. New Orleans. All those would be highlight games, but now? Hmmm, not so much. Denver at...
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    Netflix's Last Chance U is Riveting and Illustrates "Perverse Incentives"

    Academia is loaded with jargon. Sometimes it’s genuinely gobbledygook that amounts to made up words that redundantly describe something for which there is already good language. In other instances though, it creates a degree of specificity for describing something easily comprehensible but...
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    If You Sold Exotic Cars, What Would You Drive?

    The thought often has occurred to me, “What cars do the guys who get to see the most exotic cars on a daily basis drive?” These guys should know their cars, right? Maybe even more than automotive journalists or engineers, these guys are in the driver’s seats of nearly everything and they...
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    USC at Utah is a Game for Haters and Games to Watch Saturday

    Let’s be honest, we all have a team or two we root for and lots of teams to hate. The University of Southern California is one of the teams either you are a fan of or you really, really hate. A school for rich kids who could get into Berkeley, but who really don’t want to work hard at the whole...
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    The Joy of Ugly Football

    Promoted to featured article: Texans vs. Patriots: The Joy of Ugly Football