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    How I Met Your Mother finale.....

    I've been hearing many mixed reviews on the finale. Did you watch? What did you think? Was a bit disappointed that the "Mother" dies and he ends up with Robin anyway, although there were times the "kids" referred to mom being gone, so it wasn't a huge surprise but for some reason I was still...
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    Carpenter Bees.....

    Well apparently my back yard is a pretty serious Carpenter Bee war zone! Can't even go out there the past two days. They don't sting but they do make sure they do whatever they can to annoy you into leaving. I'm going to have to make a trip to the home improvement store and regain control of my...
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    Before there was VHS there was......

    Beta....just came across some old VCR tapes and it made me think about our Beta player we had when I was a teenager. Now we have 3D players!
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    Any of you watch this show? I don't actually but the previews make it seem every week is a heart stopper.
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    What is Roku?

    I've been hearing a lot about Roku lately, what exactly is it? Do you use it?
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    YouTube, the new way to become famous?

    I've been hearing more and more stories of people, who are now famous, getting discovered through YouTube. Latest being the young lady in the Diet Dr. Pepper commercials. Do you post to these sites in hopes of being the next big thing?
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    80s Kid

    Dose anybody else have kids who love 80s music? My son is 11 and buys 80s music on iTunes.........
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    What do you think is better above ground or inground?
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    At what age do you think it's appropriate for kids to start using Instagram?
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    Old school kids programming.....

    Anyone remember The Great Space Coaster?
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    Free month of Netflix DVD / Blu-ray by mail service!

    Great information. Have not done this in sometime so I didn't know if it still existed. I will check out the trial offer as we are streaming customers.
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    Summer TV....

    With Summer approaching, do you find your self watching less TV in the warm months or do you pretty much keep the save TV habits? We tend to watch the same amount but we don't watch a whole lot to begin with normally. How do your habits change with warmer seasons?
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    PBS Kids progamming from the 80's.....

    I was reading a few posts here and it reminded me of Elementary School Our teacher would put certain programs on in class during Language Arts. Reading Rainbow was the one I know for sure but she also used to have us watch a program about article writing and it was based on a something called...
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    Have any of you used Gamefly to rent games? I used to see commercials for it all the time and it reminded me of the original Netflix. Is it legit?
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    Netflix Movies

    I'm a bit behind in the times when it comes to Netflix. Do they still send DVD's to your home? Just curious if that is something they've done away with.