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    Recode asks how much you'd pay to watch YouTube

    Re/code has an interesting article on ways that YouTube, and other companies that work with the YouTube community, plan to make more money: How Much Would You Pay to Watch a YouTube Video? | Re/code How much would *I* pay? For 99.999% of YouTube videos - nothing. The vast majority of YouTube...
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    The View is getting pretty empty!

    Barbara Walters exited earlier this year. Now both Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy have reportedly been fired or quit (depending which rumors you believe). This leaves Whoopi Goldberg as the only member of the panel. There will also be big changes behind the scenes. The show has undergone...
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    Actors who cross genres

    Some actors get pigeon-holed into a specific genre - sitcoms, dramas, even more specific genres like sci-fi or period pieces. Maybe it's by choice, but also it can be hard for viewers (or casting directors) to see an actor in a totally different role, so when they do try, it either becomes a big...
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    Poll: Netflix's new logo and branding

    Netflix has been slowly rolling out new logos and branding. The DVD site and streaming site now show different logos. Different devices and marketing materials are also getting updated, but not all at once. What do you think of the changes? I think the old logo was pretty iconic. It has a...
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    Reality show controversies - do you care?

    It seems like every bad "reality" show gets some idiots on it, who make stupid statements or offend some people. Big Brother, The Bachelor, etc. This particularly happens with shows that don't involve any real "talent" in my opinion. Dancing with the Stars, for example, manages to be mostly...
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    Television shows with art related plots

    What are some of your favorite television shows or movies that have a strong artistic element in the plot? For example, in the show Switched at Birth, one of the two teenage girls who was switched - Bay - is an artist, and so are several other characters: her bio-mom Regina used to be an...
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    Do you read about TV show development?

    Now, the general public hears far more about the behind-the-scenes aspect of TV like pilots, upfronts, casting news, and spoilers about future episodes, than ever before. Do you pay attention to this kind of reporting? Or do you prefer to be surprised when you watch TV? And if you do read...
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    Lego Ideas - Vote on future sets including TV show ones

    Lego Ideas (formerly Lego Cuusoo) recently exited beta. The site allows people to upload suggestions for new Lego toys, and there are lots of TV properties which have been represented on the site, from Doctor Who, to The Big Bang Theory, to Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.
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    The headline in this story really says it all: NimbleTV Wants to Sell You the TV Everywhere You’re Already Supposed to Have. I can't imagine what value this brings, or who would be silly enough to pay for it. OK, I can imagine people silly enough. But would I buy it? No way. And the fact that...
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    Sports Jeopardy (Crackle Exclusive)

    The long-running quiz show Jeopardy is getting a sports-centered spinoff, and it will be available exclusively on the Crackle streaming service. The show will be hosted by Emmy-winning sportscaster Dan Patrick, and the first season will begin in October and consist of 50 weekly episodes plus a...
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    List of free educational video resources

    I just found this handy list of the best free educational video resources. Many are obvious or at least ones I've heard of, but there are a few on there that I'll have to check out. It also seems like a good page to bookmark so I can easily find these sites when I am doing research! 25 Best...
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    Do you watch video via public libraries?

    Many public libraries now have e-book collections, but did you know that some also have online streaming video collections as well? (Of course, some also still rent VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray too.) Overdrive, Hoopla, Alexander Street Press, Freegal (music videos) and IndieFlix (which you can also...
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    Nook Video "Free Fridays"

    Barnes & Noble Nook has a long-running promotion called "Free Fridays" where one e-book and one app are offered free each Friday. A couple weeks ago they began having a free Nook Video each week as well. The selections so far have been the first episode of a TV series - Veep, My Little Pony...
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    Do you ever get burned out on a TV show?

    There are certain TV shows where I was once so excited to watch, and couldn't ... but now that they're sitting right there on my Netflix/Hulu/Amazon queue, I can't bring myself to finish them. In most cases, it's not because the show got worse, it's something that I enjoy once I finally get back...
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    Netflix's upcoming Daredevil series

    It was recently announced that Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire, Stardust) will play the lead in the upcoming Netflix/Marvel series Daredevil, based on the comic book character. Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus, Smallville) will also take over behind the scenes as showrunner (instead of the previously...