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    home improvement

    i loved watching this show when i was growing up. tim and his kids as well as al kept me laughing on every episode. what are some of your favorite moments from the show?
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    king of queens

    i really liked this show when it was on and almost always watch the reruns when they are shown. i remember the first time i say leah remini (or however you spell her name) on saved by the bell way back in the day lol "doug" cracks me up on this show and i am interested in seeing his new movie...
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    that 70's show

    anyone else a big fan of this show? caught sort of a mini marathon yesterday of it and forgot how great this show was. kept us plopped in front of the tv for awhile yesterday:D
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    malcolm in the middle

    any else a fan of this show when it was on? i always watched it with my wife and would joke with her that our family was going to be like that when we have kids...sadly she agreed lol occasionally a few channels will show reruns and we will watch them. anyone else still like to watch this show?
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    oddest thing on lost without an explanation?

    what is the oddest thing that has happened on lost that you have yet to see an explanation for? for me, i will say it is the "moving" of the island. it will be interesting to see how this gets explained....i am also curious as to how ben was able to get locke's dad on the island....
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    filming location of lost

    the majority (if not all) of lost has been filmed on the island of oahu (hawaii). i have to say, having been there myself, it is truly as beautiful as the show makes it out to be. i believe most of the show is filmed on the north end of the island, to the east of the north shore. anyone else...
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    which character do you want back?

    of the characters that were killed off the island, which one(s) would you like to see back somehow? i would have to go with looked like he really turned a corner in his life with claire & aaron:)
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    BCS Bowl Games

    it's that time of year where BCS bowl games are kicking into gear. what bowl games are you looking forward to this year? obviously, the OU/florida game will be a good one, but i am interested in seeing the match up between USC/Penn State....should be a good game as well :)
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    isn't it amazing to see how far ESPN has come since their inception in the late 70's/early 80's? i don't think sports have been the same since ESPN made themselves big...they helped to change the way sports are viewed and enjoyed. so what do you like/don't like about ESPN?
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    after feb 17th...

    will directv still charge me $9.99 a month for the HD channel package? i would think that fee should be dropped and the HD be part of the standard package customers pay for. anyone know what they plan on doing?
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    does the government really need to be involved?

    does the government really need to be involved with the digital transition? i would say, both yes and no. yes, in that hopefully it will help the process happen in that i am not a big proponent of the government telling me what i "have" to do (ie. upgrade). what are your thoughts?
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    why do we have to switch/convert?

    not sure if this has been covered yet, but why is the digital switch happening? other than the advancement in current technology, why is everyone in the U.S. being "forced" to be part of the transition? are other countries doing the same thing?
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    dwight's gift wrapped desk

    on one of the more recent episodes, dwights desk looked like everything on it including the desk was gift wrapped. he went to sit in the chair and everything collapsed. it was pretty funny....kinda made me want to do that to one of my co-workers:eek: have you done anything you have seen on...
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    new season coming up!

    anyone excited about the upcoming season that will be airing starting in january? i have seen a few previews on fox and can't wait...the initial tryouts are always good for a laugh!