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    OTA Broadcast Antenna Search Tool on Website

    Here is how tvfool did it; TV Fool
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    Need antenna selection help

    The antennas that you have tried and would like to try are not capable of receiving CBS. You need a conventional antenna, perhaps a Channel Master 3018 or a Winegard 8200U. Be careful that any other options you might consider are capable of LOW BAND VHF reception. Attic reception at your...
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    Pre-Cut Channel 49 Antenna?

    Thanks, I grew up in western New York. I still follow the hapless Bills. (I guess that makes me hopeless.) Interesting situation for CBLT. There are hilltops nearby that would work fine. At your house enhancement is needed, and the lake can help. Good Luck.
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    Loss of channel question

    Here is your TV fool report TV Fool Note that channel 17 is much weaker that the other stations. This is due to a directional transmit antenna. It's also adjacent to CBS on channel 18 and much weaker. I'm concerned about the strong FM signals near you. WWBU on 101.7 has a calculated signal...
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    Does RF exposure cause Cancer?

    The topic of RF exposure was brought up on a recent post. I feel that anti-RF rhetoric is not based on fact, but I'm willing to learn if I'm wrong. The Russian's microwaved our embassy in Moscow because they developed doppler radar that was able to pick up the vibrations of the window glass...
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    Jointenna connector problem

    Today I installed a channel 9 Jointenna that I had purchased from When I attempted to tighten the F connector, it turned on the circuit board and broke the connection to the capacitor. When taken out of the case, I found that the F connector was not properly soldered to the circuit...