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    WOWT Launches Mobile DTV

    WOWT Mobile TV - Trip
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    The Impossible Made Possible - MH Through Standard Receivers

    Hello, all: View ATSC-MH broadcasts with non-MH receivers: How to Obtain a Mobile DTV Receiver Right Now, by Doug Lung Download decontvs Mobile DTV Viewer for ATSC M/H and ATSC - Trip
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    Mobile DTV on VHF

    Hello, all: I received an e-mail informing me that KAIL-7 in Fresno launched Mobile DTV about two months ago. I'm told that it seems to work reasonably well, though I get the impression there are no UHFs doing so in Fresno with which it could be compared. - Trip
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    Video of Mobile DTV on WRDQ Orlando

    YouTube - Mobile DTV Severe Weather YouTube - LG Mobile DTV - Trip
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    The VHF Bowtie in New Jersey: Spectrum Analysis

    Hey all: Check out these pictures I took of my spectrum analyzer while using the bowtie here in New Jersey. I did adjust the antenna position for best looking signal between each capture, but the antenna is on top of a computer monitor in all pictures. Sencore SLM1456CM - Trip
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    Mobile DTV at CES

    TVNewsCheck - CES To Offer Look Into Mobile DTV Future Lots of interesting stuff there. I wish I could go. - Trip
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    I Got a Spectrum Analyzer!

    So, I am now the proud owner of a Sencore SLM1456CM spectrum analyzer. I absolutely love this unit. I have had a very hard time putting it down to do work. I plan to take a bunch of pictures and compile information. The space on my...
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    ATSC M/H Officially Approved

    Mobile DTV Standard Approved - 2009-10-16 07:30:00 EDT | Broadcasting & Cable - Trip
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    Antenna Thoughts

    Hello all: I do lots of work with the transmission side but not nearly as much on the reception side, so I figure I'll just ask publicly and let Piggie or whoever wants answer as they choose. My college roommate for the last two years decided to take this year off, and so now he's at home...
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    Mobile DTV in Omaha!

    WOWT Tests Mobile Digital Television I've got a tuner on its way to Omaha, so I'll have some data soon I hope. - Trip
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    Mobile DTV in DC!

    FOX 5 Money: Mobile TV The OMVC group on Facebook also posted a few pictures of gadgets showing Mobile DTV in DC. - Trip
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    WLS to Quit VHF Game

    It has finally happened. Mookie mookie will be happy. WLS has petitioned with the FCC to relocate from channel 7 at 4.75 kW up to channel 44 at 473.33 kW. Now this is a petition for rule making, so it will take at least a month to work its way through the FCC to approval, and then more time...
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    Official RabbitEars Discussion Thread

    Got comments about RabbitEars? This is the place for them. Here's some useful info: TSReader Download and Troubleshooting To-Do List I'll post announcements about new additions here from time to time, as I do in the Allotment thread on AVS Forum. - Trip
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    Official ATSC-M/H Reference Thread

    Hello, all: I know there are a lot of questions about Mobile DTV and whatnot, so here are a couple of useful links. Open Mobile Video Coalition This is the website of the OMVC, the group that's behind the rollout of Mobile DTV. WRAL, Raleigh partner on nation's first mobile DTV venture ...