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    Question: Antenna selection and best way to mount it (2nd try)

    This is my 2nd attempt at posting here..first one was auto-deleted for some reason. Here's the TV Fool report for my house: TV Fool I have an RC ANT751 which gets me most of the Memphis stations except WPTY (ABC) (349) Never receive: WMC (NBC) (341) I've been recommended one of these as a...
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    Question: Disappearing posts

    I posted 2 threads today trying to learn what is the best antenna and how to mount it on this site. I received one reply before both posts disappeared...? and...
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    Question: 2 newbie antenna questions

    Hello, I am new here and would like to see if anyone can help with some questions I have about my new DTV antenna! I recently cancelled my DirecTV subscription, as I found myself paying more and more, nearly $100 a month and watching very few of the channels. I purchased an AppleTV to watch...