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  1. Karlo

    NAB Las Vegas 2011

    Anybody going to the show?
  2. Karlo

    OTA San Francisco Station Broadcasts ESPN

    I have heard this from 2 different sources, any truth?
  3. Karlo

    Question: Coax Cable Tester

    Anyone have some experience with this tester? YouTube - Coaxial Cable Tester
  4. Karlo

    Antenna / Install Price

    What do you think is fair price for an UHF VHF antenna, mount, installed to person place with existing TV coax wiring? We also program / setup their TV. I know it somewhat dependent on the market demand and area.
  5. Karlo

    Apartment Dwellers / Antennas

    As I mentioned before, I own a TV antennas installation business. Apartment / Condo dwellers are asking for our service. A search on the forum yield this link: FCC Satellite and Antenna Regulations-the OTARD Rule Does anyone have any experience dealing with apartment / condo managers...
  6. Karlo

    Question: Field Strength Meter for DTV

    Hello Can anyone recommend a simple Field Meter that I can use to help direct my antennas. There are lots of choices? I have a small business that sells and installs antennas.