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  1. JeepJeep

    Olympics Medal Count?

    Is there a site with live updates on medal counts and results? I've found a couple of websites but they're 2-4 days behind.
  2. JeepJeep

    Has a firm release date for Mobile DTV been given yet?

    Just curious....
  3. JeepJeep

    What is your favorite cable or satellite channel?

    What's your favorite cable or satellite channel-network? I watch the Speed Channel pretty often but I guess I prefer Showtime if I had to choose between the two.
  4. JeepJeep

    HDTVs with internet connectivity

    Anybody have a TV with a lan connection yet? I know Samsung has the Internet@TV on their TVs but just how "web enabled" are they? Can you browse the internet or do you just get their widgets and limited access? I assume there's no monthly fee either?
  5. JeepJeep

    Anyone use Blu-ray Live?

    Just got my Sony BD player BDP-S360 today for Christmas. :) It's great, but one thing I haden't really planned on doing was running a Cat 5 wire to my TV for internet. Especially for Blu-ray Live until I found out that that's how Sony updates the software on the BDP S360. Has anyone used...
  6. JeepJeep

    DirecTV vs Dish for HD channels

    Just curious who has the lead these days for most HD channels offered?
  7. JeepJeep

    Heisman Trophy Winner on Dec 12, 2009

    Who do you think is going to win? I'm pulling for Tim Tebow mostly because I'm a Gator fan. :) Heisman Trophy Winner Announcement Details: Live from the Nokia Theatre in Times Square Saturday, December 12th @ 8PM on ESPN List of Nominees: Stanford running back Toby Gerhart Alabama running...
  8. JeepJeep

    twitter problems 12-8-09

    Anyone else getting timeouts from It's the only site that's giving me problems. This site is running just fine.
  9. JeepJeep

    Do wireless speakers actually work?

    Anyone have any experience with wireless speakers for their home theater? How well do they work? I wouldn't mind decluttering my living room a bit but I don't want a huge drop in sound quality.
  10. JeepJeep

    Time it takes to change the channel on two different TVs

    Something that's been bugging me for some time now is that I have 2 TVs that I use for over-the-air. One is a newer Samsung and the other is an 2 year old RCA. Why does it take forever for the RCA to go from one channel to the other and the Samsung which is quicker still takes a while. When I...
  11. JeepJeep

    Black Friday Deals

    I've been holding off on on buying a XMP3 Sat radio and a 40"-55" HDTV for months now. If you guys see any deals or steals, post em up. :becky: :behindsofa:
  12. JeepJeep

    If the Zune HD comes with HD Radio, will Apple bring DTV to the iPod and iPhone

    Zune HD has stepped it up adding HD radio to its capability. Anyone think Apple will do the same with the iPod or iPhone? If you had a choice, what would you choose? HD Radio or Mobile DTV?
  13. JeepJeep

    XMp3 Portable XM Receiver

    I definitely decided to get the XMp3 receiver, went to BB this evening and they were all sold out. They were selling them for around $130, not sure if that price is going stay now either, looking online at XMp3 Portable Radio XM radio's site, it looks like they're back to charging full price...
  14. JeepJeep

    Which XM receiver should I buy?

    So I've decided against HD radio and looking at XM Radio now. Which receiver should I go with? I got a suggestion from here already for the XMp3 handheld, but the battery only lasts for 4 hours.
  15. JeepJeep

    HD Radio in the city.....

    I'm trying to figure out if I should add satellite radio or HD radio to my next head unit purchase for my Grand Cherokee. I live in the northern Chicago burbs but my work commute is downtown everyday. Is reception going to be an issue if I get a set of decent dipoles? If anyone has any...