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  1. Fringe Reception

    Grounding an Antenna....

    Radio Engineer, Your additional grounding pathway encourages a ground-loop! Please read the article linked below. Jim
  2. Fringe Reception

    RCA ANT751 How is it on VHF?

    Mike, You cannot optimize a Yagi-style antenna for one channel by altering the length of only one element, including the reflector. As with most TV antennas, the ANT-751 is a compromised design intended to receive many channels including those on high-band VHF.
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    One single sub channel causes my converter box to lock up

    Carl, Try this: disconnect the antenna and select 19.1. Does it still lock-up? If yes, its an issue with the converter box. If it doesn't lock-up, block the channel using the parental controls and it won't be able to get 'stuck' on 19.1 after you reconnect the antenna. Please let us know...
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    considering dual antennas, what to get?

    Cablewrangler, Did you follow the "rules" when you tried to combine your antennas? 1) using a common coax splitter, two antennas must be identical and unless pointed in exactly the same direction, each antenna loses half of the signals they collect. 2) a VHF and UHF antenna can be combined on...
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    How to broadcast your own tv station

    Bill, You might try a Leap Frog TV 're-broadcaster'. I bought mine about ten years ago and I can send TV audio and video (or security video) about 120 feet away from the unit. Mine is an analog version, but newer models may have been updated to digital. It was a topic on this Forum many years...
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    Newbie needs antenna help

    Rob, The oval section is designed to receive high-band VHF (REAL channels) 7-13 and the loop receives UHF channels) 14-37. Neither antenna section is designed or intended to receive low-band VHF (REAL channels) 2-6 but it may. Jim
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    Trouble hooking up a digital antenna

    Robert, What are the station's identifying call letters? Jim
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    Common problems with DTV converters, reception, and solutions

    101010101, You need to 'rescan' your Converter Box. The Federal Government eliminated all real television channels 37-51 and sold those frequencies to cell phone companies. Prior to this, channels 52-69 were sold and years before that, channels 70-83 were removed. All stations that choose to...
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    Try Amazon dot com.
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    JMB, WIWN moved from real channel 68 to real channel 5 ... apparently in January 2018. When 'sky-wave' conditions allow, Low-band VHF television signals can 'skip' off of the ionosphere and be received from very long distances. Where are you located? The link below has some engineering...
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    TV Set To Speakers Connections

    D.V.Dee, Your earphone jack is internally switched to shut off the TV sets' speaker/s and by design, the audio output level may be limited to that jack. If you use the Audio Output (AV) socket/s, you will have to go into the setup menu to disable the TV sets' speaker/s and it should provide...
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    Xfinity free streaming, Covid-19 and late payments

    kimdkus Free over-the-air TV is probably available to you, if you use an antenna on your TV and rescan it for 'terrestrial' or 'air' reception.
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    CM-7000PAL DVR Repairs

    Brian, Please share what YOU used to replace the original capacitor such as its uF value and voltage rating. Is it an Electrolytic capacitor and if so, is it polarized or non-polorized? If you're comfortable telling us/recommending to us who you bought it from, that could help others, too...
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    Common problems with DTV converters, reception, and solutions

    Bill, Pixelation is usually caused by your antenna receiving too little signal strength or the same signal being received from different directions at the same time (multipath). If the signal/s are arriving at your antenna directly and also arriving after being reflected from a building or a...
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    Mast for antenna

    Rob, You need stranded steel Guy Wire, which is available at many big-box hardware stores. It is often used as clothes line and it can be bare or plastic covered. Over time, the wires will stretch, so to you need turnbuckles on every length. Google the topic and click on some Ham Radio...
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    Mast for antenna

    @ Rob, A few years ago I called around locally and one of the smaller Hardware Stores (Ace or True Value) at that time had a policy of free shipping to their store. It was the best deal in town by far, so definately shop around. For those who need a telescopic mast around 34' (or shorter)...
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    Mast for antenna

    @ David, I have used and recommend one or two sections of galvanized chain-link fence top railing as antenna masts too, but lifting a 50' long assembled length from its base, from horizontal on the ground to vertical - even without an antenna on top - would be impossible. I suppose it could be...
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    Mast for antenna

    Rob, A 50' (actually 44') telescopic antenna mast would be perfect for your situation. Be sure to install guy wires at the top and center of the fully extended mast. Search the Internet for the best price and shipping rates to you. 50 ft Telescopic Antenna Mast Push-Up Pole EZ TM-50 Jim
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    TV Reception/Interference Problems

    Welcome, flo Regarding your second TV reception problem, there are three main reasons digital tuners are unable to convert RF video signals into solid/dependable pictures: too much signal strength (rare), too little signal strength (common), or they are receiving a confusing stream of data...
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    AntennaCraft U8000 8 Bay UHF Antenna HDTV Bow Tie Reviews

    Greg, Thank you for your review. Is your "largest VHF only" antenna designed to receive ONLY high-band VHF? If its a low-band/high-band compromise, this antenna may be a better choice for your location: Jim