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    TV Guide Plus on old JVC AV 27890

    This feature stopped working after I recently installed the mandatory PACE DC50X DTA to get ready for Comcast's conversion to digital in the SF area. Tried to renew the set up for the TV's Guide Plus feature, but was stymied when it asked if a cable box was in use, I responded YES, but then...
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    Digital TV tuners compatible with digital cable?

    Now that Comcast has made my investment in digital media obsolete, I am back in the search and acquire mode. First, the TV. Are there any TV's that have digital tuners that can be attached directly to Comcast Cable without requiring a Comcast Cable box? Next, the recording device. Is the VCR...
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    Picture-In-Picture with DTA Adapter

    Is it possible to do a set-up with Comcast's DTA Adapter that would enable the TV's PIP function?
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    Dual TVs - Splitter, Booster?

    Several questions regarding the used of a signal splitter and a signal booster. I have two TV's in the same room, set at an angle to each other so that all in the room can have a good view. They both are always tuned to the same channel. Getting a signal to both was never a problem, I just...