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    I Pledge Allegiance to Tara

    The US of Tara is a show of a family with a mom with multiple personalities. How could you live with someone who is also a man, a sixteen year old girl, and a mom from back in the day?
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    Tonight's One Tree Hill

    Did anyone see this episode? I felt so sad when Lucas's movie got cancelled, Sam got into trouble for taking the blame for her friend who stole some food because he was angry. Any other thoughts?
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    Great Show Selection

    ABC has a mass of variety when it comes to shows. Every one of their shows can range in any genre possible. They have the drama types, and sometimes even the comedy! What more could you want? What do you all think?
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    New Episodes?

    I have been watching Family Guy for some time now, and I think that the new episodes are so much more funny than any of the old ones. I find there is so much more humor to them now. What about you guys?