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    Would an Indoor Antenna Booster Help Me?

    i havent been on here since the switch when i first couldnt get any channels at all hardley... since then half of the channels come in with only channel 2 24 45 and 54 giving little to no problems (all baltimore channels)... 5 11 13 pop in and out all the time most of the time i get them but...
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    If You Connected a Convertor Box to a Digital TV With Built in Tuner?

    would it damage something in the digital TV or would it help it recieve more channels or will nothing at all happen? We're getting desperate because of all the channel losses and it turns out the digital TV in the living room which ofcourse we thought would have the least problems is the only...
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    WBAL ch 11 in Baltimore MD anybody else in the area having problems

    Ive lost most of my channels after the switch like alot of other ppl in the country. I see alot of ppl in the los angeles area share same channel loses.. just wondering if anybody else in the Maryland DC area is having trouble getting channel 11 on theyre didgital TVs with tuners and ones with...
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    Whats the Best Indoor Digital Antenna AND Convertor Box

    I see some ppl commenting on convertor boxes getting warm no zooms and other stuff. Like many others I lost most channels and the ones that do come in sometimes do sometimes dont, the only channels that give me no problems at all in Columbia MD are channel 2 ABC, FOX 45, and CW channel 54 thats...
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    HELLLLPPPPP!!! Lost all channels

    Like i wasnt annoyed already about all the consumer products ive been using for years being changed or taken away after years of buying them you cant even rely on something thats been around for what 80 + years... so its the 12th and now the only stations i get are 2 and 13 and 24 45 and...