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    Recommendations For Antenna - New Jersey

    Hi again Gang Got another customer for you. My sister lives in Zip Code 07405: She'd like some recommendations for an antenna, and a rotor, (if necessary). Thanx again as always! Best Mike

    TV Antenna for 19135 Philadelphia

    Hi again Gang I'm helping a friend install a rooftop antenna. He lives about 10 miles NE of me in Philly. It's possible he may also benefit from the same antenna: AntennaCraft 5884 Color King VHF UHF FM TV Antenna (5884) from Solid Signal. And here's his TV Fool...

    Thank you all for a successful installation!

    I'd like to thank everyone for a successful install - used all the advice from others. It was just like a was a teenager again helping my father install an antenna in 1963. You guys are great! I'm pulling in about 43 stations - NO Loss of signal. (BTW, my Dad and I were Ham Operators). Thanks...

    Question: A Decent Rooftop Antenna

    Hello I'm a competent home owner, career Licensed Electrical Inspector. When I was younger, I used to install TV antennas on my roof, (before cable). I went to TV Fool, and got the data for my neighborhood. I'm also researching TV Antennas, and distribution amplfiiers. From what I've read...