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  1. Lestrade

    Roku and Ethernet

    Do you know if Roku can be connected via Ethernet, instead of Wi-Fi Internet connection? I am talking about Roku 3 and I am pretty positive that there is such an alternative. I am trying to help my sister over the phone and she is totally clueless.
  2. Lestrade

    Alibaba Hot Deals

    Have you ever used alibaba for sales and finding out the best deals? Do you prefer another option or do you find it truly affordable for you? Is the quality worthy of attention or not? I have never used it, on my end. Still, a friend has recommended it to me and I am thinking of it.
  3. Lestrade

    Evaluation: Do you trust Sony?

    Well, everything I have is Sony. I have got two Sony Vaio laptops, a flat TV screen and a home cinema, digital camera and video camera and my smartphone is Sony Ericcson. Do you like and trust Sony as a company or do you have any complaints or hesitation?
  4. Lestrade

    Best Series of All Time???

    OK, there are many topics about legendary series here. Still, if you only had to choose ONE, which would that be? I am at a terrible dilemma!!! Game of Thrones have made a huge success universally, but there are so many other worthy competitors. Let's have a poll and ask for your votes!!! The...
  5. Lestrade

    Question: Hobbies? Any Ideas?

    Well, I am planning to lay low and take it easy for the following months to come, as far as work is conerned. I enjoy fishing, so this is my first choice for spending my time. Do you have any other ideas? How do you spend your free time? I also work out, but heading to the gym is not my cup of tea.
  6. Lestrade

    What Is 4K (Ultra HD)? Is It Worth Trying Out?

    What Is 4K (Ultra HD)? | News & Opinion | The bottom line is this: Is it only for mainstream users? Is it just luxury or something else, worth discovering? How about the cost? Is it justifiable or not?
  7. Lestrade

    Gotham coming exclusively to netflix members around the world

    Great news from the press releases of Netflix!
  8. Lestrade

    Spain 2014 Basketball World Cup

    Well, this is it! The World Cup has just begun (30August-14September) and there are definitely some matches worth watching!!! I am a true basketball fan, so I will be watching Greece vs Senegal and France vs Brazil, before USA vs Finland!!! Let's see what this World Cup will offer this year...