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    Universal Sports will be first sub-channel fatality if Comacst deal goes through

    Universal Sports will be first sub-channel fatality if Comacst/NBC deal goes through "Comcast's Versus and Golf Channel already receive about $400 million in yearly subscription fees, according to industry estimates. In addition, Comcast could try to push paid distribution for NBC's fledgling...
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    PSIP Time suddenly off by 1 hour on several (but not all) channels

    Suddenly today, this early evening specifically, the PSIP time is off on KCBS, KNBC, KABC, WWOR, WNET, WNYE, but correct on WPIX, WPXN, and WNYW. It's weird that so many stations have gone wrong by one hour at the same time but the other three have stayed correct. What could cause this mass...
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    Nokia N96: Watch and record live TV on your Smart Phone

    Available in Europe, using the DVB-H standard. EPG, Live TV and Recording. A DVR in your pocket!
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    Would be cool if we had the "Red Button" here

    Would be cool if we had something like the "Red Button" in the U.S. as part of the ATSC standard. I wonder how much bandwidth it takes up though. I'm going to guess a lot. Red Button (digital television) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia BBC Red Button - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
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    Interesting NBC sub-channel move vis a vis CBS

    Tonight on NBC in the New York market, NBC's usual Thursday night lineup is being preempted for an NBC Sports presentation of a pre-season football game, Giants at New England. However, viewers not into football can still catch NBC's Thursday night line up on 4.2, NBC's NY Nonstop channel...
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    What is your main source of news?

    Television? Radio? Internet? Print Media? Please select the source you get your news from *the most*.
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    How do you receive?

    How do you receive your television? OTA only? Cable only? Satellite only? OTA and Cable? OTA and Satellite?
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    What sub-channel do you wish you had, but don't?

    I'd like ThisTV. Nobody carries it here for New York.
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    L.A. OTA Television in danger of going off air

    Calif. fire to reach mountain's TV transmitters (AP) – 1 hour ago LOS ANGELES — Authorities say flames from a major wildfire north of Los Angeles are about to reach Mount Wilson, home to a historic observatory and transmitters for every major television and radio station in the area. Los...
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    Woop! No more rabbit ears for me! But weirdly....

    Since I dumped cable I've been using rabbit ears. Luckily for me, where I live the signal is so strong (being only about 3.5 miles from the Empire State Building) that I can get everything with the dipole antenna fully collapsed. However, as I was walking home early this evening from the...
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    Dish discontinuing DTV Pal DVR?

    I've read rumors that Dish has discontinued the DTV Pal DVR. It's listed as "discontinued" on Solid Signal, but apparently still available on from an online retailer,, and then Sears, which rips people off for the unit at $299 when everyone else was/is selling it for ~$245...
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    FCC Must Carry Rules

    Do the FCC Must Carry rules encompass sub-channels as well or only the main channel?
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    Broadcasting 16:9 at 480i

    This is possible, correct? So why don't more stations do this on their sub-channels? It seems that every sub-channel that is broadcasting in SD is still stuck in 4:3. They only broadcast 720p and 1080i channels in 16:9. But why? In New York, you have a really weird situation on channel 4.2...
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    IS Mobile DTV going to be "real" TV?

    Is Mobile DTV going to be "real" TV? Here's what I mean: When a station is broadcasting ATSC-M/H, and I have a cellphone capable of picking up that signal, is it going to be the same live TV broadcast people are seeing in their homes? Or is it going to be some special mobile only...
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    What's the deal with switching back to VHF?

    What's the deal with some stations switching back to high band VHF from UHF? ABC back to channel 7 in New York and L.A., as well as others? Wasn't DTV supposed to be entirely in the UHF spectrum? And they told everyone that they were going to need UHF antennas? And now some stations have...