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  1. kamikazefairy

    Game Of Thrones Season 4: Foreshadowing I found this one a few weeks ago and only just now got a chance to watch it. It gives a great look behind the scenes of Season 4 and a small taste - a tease, really- of what we can expect starting April 6. Enjoy!
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    Question: If you could only keep up with one currently airing TV show at a time...

    If you could only keep up with one currently airing TV show at a time, which would you pick? Right now, I'd easily choose The Walking Dead, and it conveniently ends right before my second choice, Game of Thrones, starts its next season. What about you? Would it be an easy decision or do you...
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    Question: Redbox Instant?

    Has anyone tried Redbox Instant yet? What's the verdict?
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    Question: If you could live in any TV show's world, which would you pick?

    I love a good alternate reality fantasy. As much as I love The Walking Dead, Supernatural, American Horror Story, etc., I could NOT live in those worlds. Let's face it- I'm a weenie! I'd be hiding in a bunker somewhere, provided I could stop my knees from shaking long enough to get there! I...
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    Lady GaGa's newest stunt

    I like Lady Gaga's music- it's not my favorite, but its catchy and danceable. I even admire some of the looks she's pulled off in the past. The woman has guts, I'll definitely give her that, and I get the whole artsy, statement thing. This latest performance seems a little crazy even for Gaga...
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    Question: Any Glee fans out there?

    Glee is one of my guilty pleasure shows. I was in show choir in high school so it resonates with me. For the most part, the earlier seasons of Glee were full of the catty high school drama I anticipated, but I loved the music and pretty much everything that came out of Sue Sylvester's mouth (I...
  7. kamikazefairy

    Calling all Sin City fans!

    While this news is not *strictly* TV related, the trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was released yesterday, and I am DYING of anticipation now. The film will come out August 22, 2014, a full 9 years after the first movie's theater debut. I loved the graphic novels, and am generally a fan...
  8. kamikazefairy

    Game Of Thrones Season 4

    How pumped are you about the upcoming premier of Game of Thrones Season 4??? I recently re-watched the first 3 seasons in preparation for the show's return, so I'm more excited now than ever! What can we expect this season? I'll keep the speculation spoiler-free, I promise ;) More Blood: Season...
  9. kamikazefairy

    Wii U Praise

    My husband surprised me with a Wii U for Christmas 2013! I was still using my 5 or 6 year old original Wii console, and I didn't feel like I needed a new console- until he installed the Wii U and I began to explore it. Being a few years behind the times, I was impressed with the dual screen...
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    So, a few weeks ago, I was off work due to illness, and found myself home alone with my good buddy Netflix. I came across seasons 1-8 of Supernatural. Now, if you've been on the internet for more than 5 minutes, you're probably aware that Supernatural has an enormous extremely dedicated...
  11. kamikazefairy

    Question: For Internet Streamers: how do you keep up with recently aired TV episodes?

    Currently, my family only uses Netflix, but there are a few TV shows I feel compelled to keep up with. For example, I cannot wait until next year to watch Season 4 of the Walking Dead, so I have been watching it on Amazon Instant. The show airs on AMC Sunday nights at 8pm, and when I wake up at...
  12. kamikazefairy

    Netflix Just for Kids

    I know the Netflix for kids option has been out for a few months now, but can I just say how much I love it?! My almost-4-year-old earns TV-time with her good behavior (and loses TV time for bad behavior.) With Netflix kids, I can let her choose what she wants to watch during her reward time...
  13. kamikazefairy

    Question: The Walking Dead: TV Show VS. Comics (POTENTIAL SPOILERS!)

    Does anyone else follow TWD comics by Robert Kirkman? Do you prefer the show or the comics? What are some of the major differences and similarities you've noticed so far? What are some changes the show made that you agreed with? Based on the comics, where do you think the show is headed...