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    Parental Discretion

    A friend of mine just told me that she put a block on The Secret Life of An American Teenager, so her step children can't watch it when she isn't home. Do they have this option with Dish Network?
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    Survivor started

    Did anyone watch the new Survivor last night? Survivor Samoa aired and I was a bit disappointed. I have been a survivor fan since the first one, but for some reason this one didn't keep my attention. I will give it a couple of weeks. What did everyone think?
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    Recording and watching something else

    Is there a way that I can record one show with my dvr and watch another show on the same tv? I have a dvr and I usually am recording one show while my kids watch their show on the second tv. I have some shows that overlap and would like to record one while watching the other with the second...
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    Survivor Samoa

    Survivor Samoa airs this week. From the previews it looks like Russell is going to be the villian this season. Will you be watching Survivor this season?
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    OMG too many to choose from

    It looks like there are going to be a ton of new shows to choose from. Just last night I was on tv overload! Between watching The Biggest Looser premier and Big Brother season finale it was crazy! What are some of the new shows you are looking forward to this fall?
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    Ellen joins American Idol

    What do you think of Ellen taking Paulas spot on American Idol? I wonder if they are doing this to up their ratings. After all, what does Ellen really know about music?
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    Favorite Survivor this season?

    Who are you routing for to win Survivor this season? It looks like Stephen and JT seem to be the leaders of this game at this point. I would love to see Stephen, JT and Taj in the final 3.
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    The winners are.....

    Were you happy with the winners of the Race? I thought for sure that Luke and Margie had it in the bag. I was so happy to see Victor pull threw on the surf board roadblock. My favorite team won:)
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    Will Mike go threw with it?

    Now Mike is engaged to Katherine. We all know he is still in love with Susan. Do you think he will go threw with marring Katherine?
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    Their mother

    Are their times that you can relate to Charlie and Alan not wanting to be around their mother? I don't think I know a mother who talks about sex so much with her grown children.
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    New Season

    Does anyone know when the new season of Big Brother starts? Is it sometime like July? Will you be watching it?
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    How did you like the duets? I thought that Kris and Danny were good, but I loved Allison and Adams duet. They both are rockers so pairing them together was awesome.
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    Father against son

    What a funny situation to be in. The only team to make it to the final 4 and father and son are below the yellow line. I thought that both of their speaches were very sincere. Did anyone vote for who stays in the competition? Who do you want to see in the final 3 with Tara and Helen?
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    They complete a Marathon

    I was so happy to see everyone complete the marathon. Do you think you could walk, run or jog 26 miles? I was so impressed because both Ron and Mike had injuries so they had to walk it.
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    Where is Olivia

    I was watching an old SVU yesterday and they gave Stabler a new partner. Does anyone remember this time during SUV? All threw the episode I was wondering what happened to Olivia. Then Stabler said she was on special assignment undercover. Did I just miss this whole part in SUV?
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    Judge Judy

    Are you a Judge Judy fan? I always try to watch Judge Judy at least once a night when it is on. I think it is so funny how stupid some of these people are that are on her show. With all the different court shows on, who is your favorite?
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    Down to the final 3

    Can you believe that that sister stopped and used the bathroom before finding the pit stop!!! Only seconds from them making it to the final 3. Are you happy with the final 3 teams? Who do you want to win?
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    Gabby a good mom

    Last night was actually the first episode where they showed Gabby as a really good mother. The whole makeup thing was so funny, but in the end Gabby came threw and was great with Jaunita. Were you surprised to see this side of Gabby?
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    Top 2...were they a surprise?

    I loved Simons comment when the other judges said that they were surprised that Danny and Allison were the top two contestants this week. He said let's not take away from Danny and Allison and then congratulated them. Was anyone else surprised that Adam wasn't in the top 2. To be honest, I...
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    They are going home

    How do you think that the contestants will do while at home? I would think that it would be so challenging for them to stick to their exercise plan. Who are you hoping wins the whole thing?