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    Do your grandparents help

    Do your grandparents help with taking care of your children and such? I know that when I first had my daughter (no, not me, my wife.. lol) my wife's mother (or grandmother for the daughter) would always help take care of the daughter since we both had to go to work and stuff.. yeah you can...
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    If you died..

    If you died and you could respawn as an animal or living thing, what would you become? I'm a Christian and I don't believe in life after death (besides heaven and hell, which isn't really considered life on earth to me), but I'd have to say if I had the chance to choose, I'd probably become...
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    Fake punches/kicks

    Has anyone noticed how fake the punches and kicks and all the grapples and blood in wrestling look? I mean some wrestlers just KILL the word wreslting, like.. it's unbelievable. The punch is like a mile away from the face, and they stomp the ground to make some idiotic sound and then spring...
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    From the Yukons!

    Hello there guys, it's been a wonderful experience with all the posts and threads I've been reading here, I mean it's just great.. it's such a good experience that I had here with you guys (does this sound like I'm saying good-bye? LOL.). Anyways, I live in the Yukon in Canada, it's a territory...