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    Most of these are just so expensive so I am curious if anyone knows how well they hold up? Is this going to be an expense that I won't have to fork out for many years down the road like the older TV's or are people running into issues with their durability? Any help or advice is greatly...
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    Best Home Theater set up for XBOX?

    We want to have the ultimate gaming experience and are hoping to get some recommendations or suggestions on what to look for. We have XBOX 360 (live) and want to really feel like we are in the game. So we are looking for: Best TV, sound (speakers-systems etc)? Any suggestions?
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    Blu-Ray VS HD

    So is the difference really that extreme? I keep hearing about Blu-ray this and that and am wondering if it is really worth having to upgrade the HDs that I already own?
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    Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ800U

    It looks like the Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ800U is a far more cost effective choice among flat panel plasma TV's. The average review is positive from my research and at half the cost of other comparable name brand TV's I think this is the one we might have to start saving for. Anyone have this...
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    How do they compare to the Big Providers?

    Are there any major differences in cost or service of these not so big providers AT&T etc compared to the big providers (i.e. COX-Comcast-DishNetwork)?
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    How well do they stand up to weather?

    When you are dealing with satellite dishes how well do they stand up to weather conditions such as rain and high winds? Currently I have COX digital cable and have very few issues but it looks like there are a lot of deals and discounts on a lot of the satellite dish services such as Dish Network.
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    Customer service experiences?

    What are your experiences with their customer service? I have been solely with COX phone-internet-cable for almost 2 years. I am happy with the actual phone internet and cable service I get from them. However, I have had extreme issues with their customer service accuracy. I have been...