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    Question: Replace existing antennas, or relocate one of my antennas?

    I posted a while back (nearly a year ago) about a recommendation on a VHF antenna (specifically the Antennacraft CS600). I've owned it for about 9 months & has been a good antenna. I however have a problem that developed. When I originally installed this antenna along with the Winegard HD9032...
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    Antennacraft CS600 antenna

    Since I'm staying at my current residence longer than planned, I'm already getting new antennas, & I have my UHF antennas purchased (2 Winegard HD9032 antennas). I however haven't fully decided on a VHF antenna. Since all antenna manufacturers overall focused on VHF-Hi only antennas & VHF/UHF...
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    Now there's nationwider from metropcs

    I'm still trying to find the Indiana Beach commercial that uses the word "funner".
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    We now have Famouser

    Just when we thought we heard the last of the incorrect English grammar; I was wrong. I just now heard "Famouser in an online commercial for Rhianna Tap. It uses the word famouser. We last heard gooder in the Tropicana 50 & Gain commercials. Here's the commercial on youtube for Rhianna Tap &...
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    Advice on a USB TV Tuner

    I'm getting a laptop soon, & want to be able to watch TV on my laptop. The last TV tuner I used was the ATI TV Wonder 650 for the desktop, that was inserted into the PCI slot of my last pc. I have not used a USB version& would like to know if anyone has ever owned this USB TV Tuner. I'm...
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    maximum number of antennas hooked to a pre-amp

    Since I'm currently dealing with crybabies on avsforums (not gonna go into detail at the moment), I'm gonna try & ask this on this board. How many antennas can safely be hooked up to a pre-amp & still work? I currently use the RCA pre-amp, model# TVPRAMP1R. At the moment, I only have my...
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    Advice on 7 antennas (3 Antennacraft & 4 Winegard)

    I'm looking for people who own (or owned) these 7 UHF antennas and how reception is on them. I'm not sure if I should get a UHF antenna that looks like an arrow, or one with 4 or 8 bay whiskers. For the Antennacraft antennas, I'm looking at either the MXU47 or the whisker antennas U4000 &...