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    Steve Carell to leave The Office

    I don't know how many other people have heard about this already or not, but apparently Steve Carell is going to be leaving The Office although I do not really know all the details surrounding the circumstances of his departure. The bigger question should be if you think The Office can survive...
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    Do you like to watch the News?

    News programs have always been very popular, due to the fact that they help keep you up to date with the latest news, although sometimes it seems like news shows get padded out with filler stories, on nights when there isn't enough "real" news. So do you watch the news most nights, or only when...
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    Public Domain TV shows

    As everyone is probably aware, there are a number of older and sometimes quite popular television series and movies that have since fallen into the public domain, due to failure to renew the rights or what not. Does anyone have a list of any public domain TV shows or movies, along with some...
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    Happy Days and "Jumping The Shark"

    Saying that Happy Days jumped the shark is a rather popular phrase, due to the episode where Fonzie quite literally jumped over a shark on Jet Skies, and the phrase "Jump The Shark" has since became a popular term to describe a show that is past it's prime, and often uses gimmicks or other...
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    Do you play any sports?

    As a kid, I used to love playing some sports such as Baseball and Basketball, although I was never especially good at it...I would still end up having a lot of fun. Anyone else currently play anything, or USED to play sports for that matter?
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    Minor League Baseball

    Over the past few years, my interest in Minor League Baseball games has increased considerably, although it can be pretty frustrating trying to find the games on Television, you can usually at least find a few radio stations that will broadcast the games. Why follow Minor League Baseball you...
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    What is the last DVD boxset that you bought?

    Since a lot of us obviously like to buy DVD sets of our favorite television or movie series, I felt a thread where we could all share our lastest purchases seemed like a reasonable enough idea. Anyway, the last DVD boxset that I bought was the complete Sherlock Holmes 1950's television series...
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    Lost DVD sets

    I was just curious, but does anyone here own any of the box DVD Boxsets, and have you heard if there is any plan to box all of the seasons together once the current (and seemingly last) season ends?
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    Do you think Saturday Night Live is still funny?

    I have to be honest with you, Saturday Night Live rarely makes me laugh that much anymore, and part of the problem is that the current cast is just nowhere as funny or inventive as the casts from 70's and 80's, and even the early 90's for that matter. Does anyone else agree?
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    Baseball games on the Television VS the Radio

    You know, I honestly prefer listening to Baseball games on the Radio over the television a lot of the time, and i'm never entirely sure why. One of the reasons is probably that the Radio broadcasters for the Phillies(my favorite team) are a hell of a lot better than the ones on the Television...
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    Do commercials encourage you to buy things more, or do they turn you off?

    Honestly it seems like there are quite a few television commercials these days that actually make me want to buy something LESS than if I had not seen them. Sometimes it's because the commercials annoy me or are seen too often, and other times they actually make the product look LESS appetizing...
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    Shows that you never miss watching

    What television shows do you try to watch each and every time they are on, and try to catch every episode during their initial airing? Do you try to sneak out of work early or other activities, just to be sure you don't miss the show?
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    How many hours do you watch Television per week?

    Considering that it's rather obvious that we all watch television at least a little bit, I was just wondering how many hours you think you put into watching television on an average week. Do you have any idea, if you had to guess?
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    Cigarette commercials

    Funny to think about it now, but there was a time when Cigarette commercials were on television, and quite frequently I may add! Every time I look at old television or radio shows with cigarette commercials now, they make me cringe. Some of them are quite subliminal and gratuitous I may add...
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    Radio shows that later became Television shows

    Discussions seem to be rather slow over the past few days, so I felt it was time to get some more topics started. Anyway, first of all... everyone knows that a show like Gunsmoke started out on the radio before being translated to Television, but I was just wondering about some of the lesser...
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    Watching old sports games online

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew of some websites that archived old sports games and allows you to watch them online, either for free or for some sort of a price? I would love to be able to watch some old World Series baseball games from the 40's and 50's, if anyone has them up anywhere.
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    Your favorite defunct channel

    Every once in a while you may find a channel that you love, only for it to either get discontinued for some reason or changed, or even merged into another channel for whatever reason. What channels come to mind for you, and why did you like the channel so much?
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    Shows that you should like but don't

    Have you ever came across a television show that seemed like something that you SHOULD like, but were never able to get into for whatever reason? What do you think made you dislike it, or do you honestly not know?
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    How many Sports games do you go to per year?

    Most dedicated Sports fans will tell you that it is a far better experience to catch a Sports game live, than to watch it on television, and for the most part I agree. Unfortunately due to the money and time involved in attending live sports games, I usually have to watch the games on television...
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    Should Baseball have more Wild Card teams?

    The way that Baseball is currently set up, both the American and National League teams have one Wild Card winner per year, and I recently have heard some discussions of them possibly adding more Wild Card spots, and I was just wondering what you all thought of this. Do you think this is a good...