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    distribution amp

    if one is in a small apt bldg in a city, San Francisco in this case, could one set up a single shared antenna and distro amp? Are there other or better choices for da's beside ChannelMaster or are they about the same as any other? I'm asking for a friend (yea, I know, heh, heh, heh, but I'm on...
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    pre-amp for HD7694P

    I bought a Wineguard HD7694P. We are approx 125 above sea level and the antenna is on a 5' pole on a 2 story house. Reception is pretty good. I went for the "45 mile" antenna as we are just shy of 30 mile from the ESB for NY network TV broadcast. Perhaps I should have bought the HD7697...
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    TV antenna shopping for NYC area

    has anyone tried one of these? I bought this and it doesn't get 2 or 4 in the exact same direction as the upper chans. I'm 35 miles from the (NYC) jersey antennas and this is rated at 40. 2 TVs and FM radio. 30' off the ground.