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  1. Jason Fritz

    User: Piggie - Contact Us

    Piggie! Just received your message through a guest post. Please use the contact form and send me an email with your new email address. I will reset your password and send to you after you do that. Hope all is well!
  2. Jason Fritz

    Site Registration closed until 10pm 11/2/2015

    Site Update: We experienced a high volume of spam posters this past weekend. New member registration has been closed until later this evening while we work on our spam filtering system. Please use the "contact us" link if you'd like to sign up for our forum and we will create an account for you.
  3. Jason Fritz

    DTVUSAForum: Avatars/Profile Pics Are down 2/7/15 to 2/10/15

    We are performing some server adjustments and upgrading the forum software to the latest patch this weekend. As a result, all avatars and profile pics will be down during this process. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. Jason Fritz

    DTVUSAForum gets listed in DMOZ

    Wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and help here at the forum. After 6 years of existence, we have finally made it into the DMOZ: DTV USA Forum - DTV and HDTV help site with a tight support staff...
  5. Jason Fritz

    Forum Down Time on 8/28/2014

    Hello everyone, Wanted to apologize for our one hour of downtime today around noon MST. We had to do a complete system restore from a backup at 9:00AM MST, which lost about 3 hours worth of posts. Let us know if you have any questions. :thumb:
  6. Jason Fritz

    Server Failure on 4/14/14 - Was Down for Approximately 18 Hours

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to report an outage yesterday (4/14/14) which affected the entire site of Our server hosting company found the problem right away and replaced the piece of hardware that failed. Our site has grown so big, that it took almost 10 hours for them to...
  7. Jason Fritz

    DTVUSAForum Press and Media Kit for 2014

    Did You Know? online audience is now reaches 1.7 million unique views (2013) a year? Our social network and forum was established in 2008, and has a total unique view count of just over 6 million. We're also a Google News syndicated blog and media. Our stories have been...
  8. Jason Fritz

    Easy Contest for $25 e-mail gift certificate to Amazon

    Staff members (Admin, moderators, contributors) not elgible. The first two members of DTVUSAForum to respond to this thread will receive a e-mail gift certificate for $25 to Amazon. Rules and Eligibility - You must be a member of DTVUSAForum. - You can only enter once. - Only two total e-mail...
  9. Jason Fritz

    Roku Forum

    Wanted to post about an addition at DTVUSAForum for new discussion areas. Our Internet TV Forum has been a popular area for conversation about streaming TV, media devices, and online content for over 3 years now. With that in mind, we decided it was time to add a new category called Streaming...
  10. Jason Fritz

    Apple TV Forum

    Wanted to post about an addition at DTVUSAForum for new discussion areas. Our Internet TV Forum has been a popular area for conversation about streaming TV, media devices, and online content for over 3 years now. With that in mind, we decided it was time to add a new category called Streaming...
  11. Jason Fritz

    Forum Updates

    Wanted to post a note about an update that we're performing to the forum today... You may notice some odd placement of buttons and text, but rest assured that we are busy debugging and working to restore all features to the forum by midnight. The overall functionality of the forum will remain...
  12. Jason Fritz

    Video embedding enabled at

    Wanted to let everyone know that we've updated the forum to include the ability to automatically convert links to videos within threads and blogs. We had the capability to do this in the past, but required adding tags before and after the link. How does it work? When you copy and past a link...
  13. Jason Fritz

    Poll: Is the share bar an annoyance for members?

    In reference to visiting, is the share bar on the left of your screen which provides means to easily share posts on various social networks an annoyance? I'm going to open the poll for a week or so, please vote and/or leave some feedback.
  14. Jason Fritz

    iPad Day 5: An extraordinary amount of static electricity?

    So I've had my new iPad (iPad 3) now for a few days, and one thing I've noticed is an extraordinary amount of static electricity shocks that I've received with this device. In my previous ownership with the iPad 2, I cannot remember 1 time where I was shocked or created some type of static...
  15. Jason Fritz

    My new iPad arrived early this morning!

    Looks like Apple overnighted a lot of the new iPad orders, including my own. Cool, here is the new box: Looks a lot like the old box, lol. Anyway, my initial impressions are pretty good with the new retina display. The screen is so vibrant on the highest brightness setting.
  16. Jason Fritz

    New iPad Reviews and Thoughts on iPad number 3

    Many professional news agencies, gadget blogs, and general public are starting to come out with hands on review of the new iPad (iPad 3, iPad HD, or whatever its called). Apple must have made a good choice adding the Retina display to the iPad's arsenal. David Pogue with New York Times said...
  17. Jason Fritz

    iTunes vs Blu-ray for video quality

    Apple is adding 1080p content like crazy to iTunes, and it was only a matter of time before the blogosphere began comparison tests on video quality to other media types. ARSTechnica leads the way with their 1080p comparison, which seems to point towards Blu-ray as the winner but not by much...
  18. Jason Fritz

    "Frozen Planet" on Discovery Channel

    On March 18th,the Discovery channel is airing the next episode of, "Frozen Planet." From the makers of "Planet Earth", "Frozen Planet" is a documentary based on footage captured from some of the coldest places on Earth. The next episode, called "Icy Finger of Death" will feature some never...
  19. Jason Fritz

    Is Aereo TV Legal?

    Aereo TV's business model in basic form is: receive local over-the-air channels and rebroadcast them over the internet for a $12/month fee to subscribers. The content from which they draw from is television networks who spend money to produce and broadcast the programming in the first place...
  20. Jason Fritz DVR

    There's a new over-the-air DVR going in sale in the spring of 2012. Called the DVR What we know so far: [*=left]Single-tuner DVR with full 1080p HD video streaming [*=left]Stack DVRs to add more tuners [*=left]$149 price tag [*=left]$5 month to use DVR service Screen shots of...