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    The "NEW" internet based Emergency Alert System IS NOT RELIABLE !!!

    IPAWS Outages Reported - System upgrade hits a snag IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System) TVTechnology: IPAWS Outages Reported MULTIPLE CITIES – Several broadcasters around the country reported outages to the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System Wednesday. IPAWS is the...
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    The Broadband and Cell Phone industry wants the TV Broadcast spectrum for themselves

    November 2, 2012 A news story in today's local paper stated that over 25% of the cellular telephone sites from Virginia to Maine went down, or were rendered inoperable during the Hurricane Sandy event, and as of today, 15% of...
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    FOX TV New Antenna (Patent Pending) Data and research and news.

    I will post news and other data on my new antenna. patents are expensive, but if you never try, you never succeed !!
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    Bob Carver audio components

    I am an amateur singer and music enthusiast. I have a vintage Carver Model C-4000 High fidelity holographic image Control Console, and this processor is fantastic. It was the predecessor to surround sound, way before surround sound became viable. I also have a Carver M-1.5t Magnetic Field...
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    A Full Accounting of the FCC liars !!

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    The worlds scariest job, Tower climbing !!

    Here is a link to a video on a new TV Broadcast engineering site. If this doesn't scare you to death, then you may be in line for a new high paying and high flying career in the broadcast industry as a tower climber. ( Or someone with a lack of self preservation desire) The scariest video you...
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    In your opinion, do you think OTA viewership is increasing or decreasing?

    I heard a short news spot done by the "Digital Goddess" Kim Komando yesterday, and she states that due to the depressed economy, and viewers disgust at having to pay for many more channels than they want or need, that many TV viewers are re-discovering OTA TV. With the increased channel count...
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    What's Wrong With DTV? An overview.

    What's Wrong With DTV? by Mario Orazio, 10.12.2010 What's Wrong With DTV?, by Mario Orazio Out there, you might have noticed that the quality of some broadcast DTV, particularly some HDTV, ain't quite up to snuff. Lord knows Mario has. This is particularly noticeable because, as we have...
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    The new I Phone and its excessive bandwidth needs !!

    Here is one for the record books. Today was the day that Steve Jobs unveiled the latest 4G version of the I Phone, and its excessive use of bandwidth was revealed for all who may have noticed. On Mr. Jobs first attempt to show the devices features, it failed to work properly, as it would not...
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    The Rise of Digital Television Broadcasting

    “The Rise of Digital Television Broadcasting” From my point of view as a Television Broadcast Engineer Digital communications techniques had been is use for quite a long time before anyone thought to apply that technology to Television broadcasting. The reasons for doing so are...
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    Contact Your Senators And Representatives now !!

    Hello DTV Fans, Here is a quick and easy way to contact your LOCAL political Representatives, and express your displeasure over loosing access to your free over the air TV signals. Broadcasters are outraged at having their frequency taken away after spending billions on the DTV conversion, and...
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    Information from Broadcast Industry Insiders

    PRESS RELEASE FROM THE THE BROADCAST INDUSTRY For Immediate Release GOVERNMENT & INDUSTRY PUBLISH CONSUMER TIPS ON USE OF INDOOR ANTENNAS FOR VHF DTV RECEPTION Washington, DC, November 19, 2009: Television broadcasters, antenna manufacturers, consumer electronics retailers and the consumer...
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    Multipath explained !!

    The reception of digital TV signals has several minor issues that are now being addressed by the broadcast industry. The first issue that effects digital TV signals is a phenomenon known as multi-path signals, which are more commonly referred to as ghost signals. The effects of ghost signals in...