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  1. christyanne

    60 minutes is not enough time for American Idol!

    What's with this crap of just letting 2 judges talk about a performance? I just don't care for that format. Hope they don't continue it! :(
  2. christyanne

    Scott gets the boot, 7 left!

    There were over 34 Milion voters tonight. Sad to see Scott go tonight, means we're getting close to the end of the show with only 7 left. :(
  3. christyanne

    Vegas says odds are on Adam Lambert to win!

    ADAM LAMBERT A SAFE BET TO WIN 'AMERICAN IDOL' - New York Post I knew it! I guess Adam is one of the most heavily favored contestants on the show that odds makers have ever made odds for. :) Danny Gokey is second and Kris Allen is third.
  4. christyanne

    Miley Cyrus to appear on ‘American Idol’

    Looks like she's making an appearance before her, Hannah Montana The Movie gets released. MSNBC says that her performance will probably be on sometime next week April 6 - April 10.
  5. christyanne

    The Next Survivor - Got this in an email

    Got this in an email, hehehe THE NEXT SURVIVOR SERIES Six married men will be dropped on an island with one car and 3 kids each for six weeks. Each kid will play two sports and either take music or dance classes. There is no fast food. Each man must take care of his 3 kids; keep his...
  6. christyanne

    Just rented Family Guy: Season 5 on DVD

    Watching with my boyfriend last night, and there was a scene where Peter Griffin used the F word, lol, and completely shocked the heck out of us. Actually the whole DVD seemed like it was redone with curse words. Not that I really care, but I just thought it was odd that they did that. :)
  7. christyanne

    Jughead Episode - 1-28-2009

    Looks like a lot of action set for tomorrow night. Who's watching? :p
  8. christyanne

    Happy Thanks Giving everyone

    Hope yall enjoyed your holiday. We ate too much! Anybody have any funny stories? My uncle brought his new girlfriend to my mom and dad's, and my mom about kicked her out of the house for rooting for the Eagles during the Cowboy/Eagles game. All in fun. ;)
  9. christyanne

    Go Cowboys

    What a game today. My boys won, and TO made me proud. :)
  10. christyanne

    Problem with Splitting dtv signal

    Hey folks, I thought I was going to get by without having a problem converting to DTV. I was wrong ;) I just purchased a DVR and I want to split the video signals both which I think are by coax or RF (whatever it's called), one to the DVR and one to the TV. When I split the signal using a 2...
  11. christyanne

    David Boreanaz and his cute smile, and other stuff too, lol

    Is it just me, or does David Breanaz of "Bones" have the cutest smile. lol I don't know what it is, but his facial expressions just get me everytime. :p Brennan and Booth are like the total opposites of each other, and yet they seem to be getting closer to each other. I'm not quite sure how...
  12. christyanne

    For you Fringe Fans: J.J. Abrams Interview

    The interview was online by this website: J.J. Abrams | The A.V. Club I thought this was kind of shocking: So, J.J. didn't direct the most popular episode so far? Kind of interesting. My BF and I have seen a couple of episodes. It's good, but I think we're bigger fans of J.J. Abrams other...
  13. christyanne

    Did anybody watch this show? How was it?

    Any good? Are they going to renew it for next year? I was going to watch it, but it didn't start until Friday night. LOL
  14. christyanne

    Season 4 has started and I'm so lost!

    Season 3 ended with lots of unanswered questions... Sophia gets shot and then Lincoln stays to take care of her. Mahone and Whistler are bad guys. Then we go to Season 4, everyone escaped from prison and Whistler dies so fast right off the bat just to find out that he was actually a good guy...
  15. christyanne

    What exactly is the plot to Samurai Girl?

    Is "Heaven" played by Jamie Chung part of the Yukuza because of her adopted parents or her real parents?
  16. christyanne

    Flipping out

    OMG!! you have to watch flipping out. The guy is a freak which makes him very funny at least to me its funny. He's completely OCD and flips out on everyone he made his assistant steal avocado's from the neighbors yard because, he forgot guacamole check it out its a funny must see.
  17. christyanne


    OK seriously, i mean what is up with this converter box thing. I keep hearing about it but, i have no idea what it is or if i even need it:confused: how do i know if i need it or not. Sometimes I wish i knew more about electronics. Any help would be nice.