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    My husband knows me all to well! LOL

    Well today my husband comes home and tells me that his job is looking for an aid to help on the buses. The buses I would be on are the ones for "Mentally challenged/Handy capped" I really hate to put it that way, but that is what they need the aid for. So when they were asking anyone if they...
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    The movie Jobs

    I actually watched it last night. It was very good actually. But main if that is how Steve was, wow.. That's over the top! But he seemed to be a very good business person and always seemed to think outside the box. Considering that, Apple seems to come out with a new product, like the apple...
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    Is there something wrong?

    Ok, my dad has always had problems remember all of his kids birthdays. Considering that there are six on his side, I don't actually blame him. But it has gotten so bad that he is actually asking how old all of us kids are. I mean it used to be only that he couldn't remember the year or the...
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    Is it just me or what?

    For some odd reason today I am either feeling really "dumb" so to speak or feeling very "old". Considering I am only 25 and I happen to visit the vintage forum on here and things have changed so much! There are things that I remember as a kid back in the 90's I played with things like the Sega...
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    Netflix and newborns

    I know there are kids movies and shows on Netlfix. But is there anything on netflix related to things that do with newborns. Like maybe a show that has really bright colors and maybe shapes and stuff? I figure if I can get my newborn to see brightly colored shapes on the 55" in TV I will be able...
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    So Utterly Confused....

    Ok, normally my ob appts are fine. Well last time I went in they did a crap load of blood work. So today we talked about it. Everything came back great, but the one thing that sent me over the edge was the fact that my doctor told me I am O+. Now I have been told all my life I am A+. So needless...
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    Ya this is so off-topic... But just curious..

    Ok, so I have a brother who has Cerebral Palsy. I happen to go the the store today and I seen a child who has the same thing. Only difference between him and my brother is that my brother is wheelchair bound (has been all his life) but the boy I seen today was actually walking with the help of...
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    Very Nice Weather!!!

    I am so happy, because today is 70 degrees and have been outside. Its way better than it being cold. Now it can have the window open and fan running in the window. Not only that I can wear my kids out, with them running around outside instead of cupped up in the house.
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    Blu-ray player and computer (Windows 8)

    Ok, if you have both a computer with windows 8 and a blu-ray player can you actually make them talk to each other or do they just work separately?
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    Ghost Towns....

    The town I moved from back in September, which is 2 1/2 hours away. is actually smaller than the town I live in currently. But I have noticed a very big difference. In the town I lived in there was not a day of the week or weekend that the streets were not busy. But the town I currently live in...
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    Roku streaming stick....

    I found this site while looking for information on the new roku stick. Thought it might be interesting to share. Roku Streaming Stick takes on Google Chromecast (+video) -
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    Were all does comcast go?

    I know that certain providers go certain places. For example, AT&T U-Verse comes to my town, Moberly but Time Warner Cable does not. Any particular reason only certain ones go certain places?
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    Apple TV and Roku...

    I was just sitting here thinking about the apple tv and the roku. Now, if you already have an Apple TV would it even be worth having a Roku of any version at the same time? I mean I wouldn't think they are actually that much different from each other. Now if I am wrong, feel free to tell me. LOL
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    Netflix and other countries

    Well I got curious about were netflix is available and this is the site: A Great Map of Countries Where Netflix is Available that I found. I was actually shocked when I realized that netflix actually does not go all over the world like I thought it did. LOL But while reading the comments on the...
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    Netflix and streaming releases

    What exactly does that mean? Do they do a release every month or every once in a while?
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    Weather Channel

    I happen to come across this site: Will DIRECTV Drop The Weather Channel? about directv and the weather channel. Now I have watched the weather channel a couple times over the years. But honestly how accurate is the weather channel about the weather around us? I mean, if they are really...
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    Netflix and tv shows/movies

    I have noticed that most tv shows/movies are not actually "Current" so to say. What I mean by that is the show called "Storm chasers" only goes to as far s 2011, when they already have out stuff from 2013. But it isn't on netflix.... I am confused.
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    Apple TV

    I think I am just having one of those days. But why is it, every technology we have, like Apple TV, Roku, HDTV's always either black or white? Never any other color? I mean what if someone actually wants color. Not just black or white?
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    I found another streaming tv thing

    Streaming Films, Original Interviews, Yoga & Fitness | GaiamTV I have never heard of this before. Thought others might want to check it out. If you have any experience with it. Feel free to give us the pros and cons. Also your experience with it as well.
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    Netflix and the movie Olympus has fallen

    I just watched part of the movie... Now I have so many questions that I feel will never be answered.... But I am glad I was able to find it on netflix. Over all it is a good action movie. How many more movies are about the president on netflix? I am not really sure how to find movies like that.