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    What's Right and Wrong With 3D today (article)

    Interesting read: What's Right and Wrong with 3D Today: An Interview with 3D Imaging Consultant, Nick Constable (Page 1 of 4):
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    Calculating the optimal size TV for your room

    Optimal 3D TV Size and Viewing Distance
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    Another type of Passive 3D glasses

    You have polarized lenses, and these: Dolby 3D |
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    Not TV but none-the-less LG 3D phone

    LG is All Set To Unveil Optimus 3D At MWC 2011, Features Glass Free Screen And 3D Camera Unfortunately I re-up'd my contract, I will have to wait another year... Hopefully will be in my grasp by then :D
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    You Have 10K$$$$

    Review of Sony's flagship 3D projector( can we get 1 used for an 1/8th of the cost??) Review: Sony VPL-VW90ES 3D Projector - CE Pro Article from CE Pro
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    What do you expect from a TV??

    I have only been on this forum for a little while, and there has been a lot of poeple going out of there way to be ney sayers of 3D. What do you guys expect from your TV's, and what do you expect them to be in the future?? I agree glasses, crappy screens that limit off center issues(which has...
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    3D here to stay LOL :P

    Just read an article on one of my favorite gaming sites: MaxConsole - More porn goes 3D, now it's Penthouse' turn for it "Even the porn biz is jumping on the 3-D bandwagon and penthouse is the 'first'. You have to wonder will someone make a homebrew app for ps3 that allows this to work with...