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  1. Orrymain

    Enough Already! Archie 'Sugar Sugar' Andrews To Die in 'Life With Archie' July Entry

    Where is the line drawn? This is not a soap opera, nor is it a science fiction fantasy production where death means nothing. What is at hand here is a childhood full of happy memories, of silliness, competitiveness, and comraderie. We are talking the singers of the bubblegum classic, "Sugar...
  2. Orrymain

    My View: Boy Am I Glad I'm Not a 'How I Met Your Mother' Watcher-Alternate DVD Ending

    I must admit that I am glad that I never got into the just-ended series, "How I Met Your Mother." The Neil Patrick Harris comedy was one I was interested in watching years ago, but never did because it was on opposite other programs I deemed more desirable and back then I did not have a DVR at...
  3. Orrymain

    Mickey Rooney Dies at 93

    Known for being diminutive in height yet tough in character, actor Mickey Rooney has died at the age of 93 in the home of his son, where he was reportedly living at the time. The cause of death was not revealed. One of the earliest reports of Rooney's passing came from his son, Michael, who...
  4. Orrymain

    David Letterman Announces Retirement, Will Leave Air in 2015

    It seems like yesterday when David Letterman was appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." Then, boom, he had his own show, following Carson's yet. After the debacle NBC created by bypasssing Letterman as Carson's successor and selecting Jay Leno to take over "The Tonight Show,"...
  5. Orrymain

    'Batman' Continues to Pow and Zap Its Way on MeTV

    Holy Time Gone By. Has it really been a whopping 48 years since Adam West and Burt Ward first zapped their way into our imaginations on the hit NBC series, 'Batman?' It was indeed as the caped crusaders made their debut on January 12, 1966 in an episode entitled, 'Hi Diddle Riddle.' As the...
  6. Orrymain

    Christopher Meloni Excels on Fox's New Comedy, 'Surviving Jack'

    Bad news for Christopher Meloni fans and his 'Surviving Jack' series: I liked it. Frankly, this means the show's odds on surviving the season are slim. It's not that I'm a jinx to television shows or anything, but let's just say that back in 1990, I was one of the eight loyal viewers to 'Cop...
  7. Orrymain

    'Celebrity Wife Swap' Preps for Return; Reruns with Tracie Gold & Others Air

    It's scary to think a show like 'Celebrity Wife Swap' can be successful, but three seasons in that is exactly what this series is. That said, I tuned into an episode this week for the very first time. I ran across it by accident on the Lifetime Channel while setting my DVR for 'Under the...
  8. Orrymain

    Forget Luke-Laura-Scotty. Now It's Spencer-Emma-Cam As 'General Hospital' Love Trio!

    As a long time (as in decades) viewer of soap operas, or as they are now referred to in a more politically correct phrase, daytime dramas, I have been thoroughly amused and amazed by the latest love triangle on 'General Hospital.' Move aside Scotty-Laura-Luke, Robin-Patrick-Sabrina, and any...
  9. Orrymain

    James Rebhorn Dies; Writes His Own Obituary

    I didn't recognize the name when I heard it many hours ago in the news, but when I saw his picture, I recognized James Rebhorn. I know him best from his role in From the Earth to the Moon, the Tom Hanks produced project where Rebhorn was Harrison Storms, one of the guys who took the fall for...
  10. Orrymain

    Paul Guilfoyle Exits CSI But It Wasn't His Choice

    Maybe it's a salary thing but what's the point here? He's been on the show from the beginning but it's not like he's central to every episode or anything. Why fire one of the only two original cast members? I don't get this one. It really isn't that important to me as I'm not really a fan of...
  11. Orrymain

    The Producers Explain Exit of Josh Charles on The Good Wife

    I was flabbergasted by Sunday's episode of The Good Wife, so much so I wrote a blog about it, which you can read if you like -- -- and then I learned more about it today. The...
  12. Orrymain

    Sunday's 'The Good Wife' Shocks: Surprising Exodus By Major Key Player!

    Wow! Whoa! Stunner! Didn't see it comin' The above was my reaction to watching Sunday night's latest installment of the CBS' hit drama, 'The Good Wife.' Entitled 'Dramatics, Your Honor,' this fifteenth show of the fifth season had me totally involved throughout. I should have known...
  13. Orrymain

    Frequent 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' Comedian David Brenner Dies at 78

    Comedian David Brenner has died at the age of 78. He was at his New York City home at the time. Perhaps best known for his approximately 158 appearances on 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,' the lanky comedian had a successful night club act, allowing him to perform as recently as...
  14. Orrymain

    Journalist Bob Thomas Dies (Known for the Oscars and RFK assasination)

    If you have been around the movie industry for any length of time, the name of Bob Thomas is familiar. If he's not familiar, give him a moment of remembrance while reading about him here -- Bob Thomas Dies: Longtime Hollywood Journalist Covered Oscars, RFK Shooting | Variety
  15. Orrymain

    The Passing of Voice Master Hal Douglas

    You probably don't know the name but odds are you've heard the voice. He's arguably one of the two most heard voices in the world of theatrical film. Watch the trailer for Seinfeld's Comedian and you can see and hear Hal, who has passed away this week. Hal Douglas, Movie Trailer Voice Over...
  16. Orrymain

    Anyone Remember Captain Video?

    Richard Coogan died Wednesday at age 99. Though I remember him mostly from a guest shot in my favorite western series, Laramie, Coogan was probably best known for being the original Captain Video. Campy or not, the ratings were right up there with Uncle Miltie (Milton Berle) and that was big...
  17. Orrymain

    New SyFy Mini-Series -- Ascension

    Ascension will be SyFy's first mini-series since 2009. It could, of course, become a series if it goes over. Syfy Returns to Event Series, Orders Six-Hour Space Opera (Exclusive)
  18. Orrymain

    The Television Academy of Arts & Sciences is No More

    I'm not sure how many of today's generation realize the name has been The Television Academy of Arts and Sciences but they don't have to worry about it anymore. The Academy has officially changed its name and is giving itself a makeover. Read about The Television Academy and what its future...
  19. Orrymain

    Catherine Bell and Chris Potter Return for a 7th 'The Good Witch' Original Movie

    Fans of 'The Good Witch' movies are rejoicing at the announcement made today that not only is a seventh movie being filmed, but a regular TV series is coming to television in 2015. Catherine Bell ('Jag') returns to the mystical character of Cassandra Nightingale, a character created by Rod...
  20. Orrymain

    Judge Judy is the Plaintiff!

    Judge Judy is taking a lawyer to court! I love it! I like that she is donating her winnings, assuming she wins, of course. Judge Judy files suit against Connecticut lawyer | Comcast