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  1. Sparks

    Comparison of DTV converters reception ability

    Many times when we get a question about loss of digital channels and poor reception I wonder what kind of DTV converter box or digital TV they are using. Some tuners in both TV sets and in the converter boxes do better than others. This is referring to the tuners ability to pull in the signal...
  2. Sparks

    Zenith DTT901 DTV converter (replaces DTT900)

    The Zenith DTT901 digital to analog tuner or converter, is as far as I know the same as the DTT900 other than the 901 also has the analog pass through feature. Analog pass through will allow the viewer to see the low power repeater stations that are not going to change to digital. You can do...
  3. Sparks

    Evaluation of the Winegard RCDT09A DTV converter (replaces RCDT09)

    There are some improvements of the new “A” model over the original model. I am not completely certain of how many improvements since the original model that I had came with some defects that may have prevented some of its features from functioning. The Analog Pass Through feature is now...
  4. Sparks

    Channel Master CM-7000 evaluation

    This was the first converter box that I used my first government coupon for. If I recall correctly I had to put up about another $20.00 in additon to the government coupon to get it. It has worked well for me other than it not having the analog pass through feature. It requires a switch on...
  5. Sparks

    Winegard Rc-dt09 evaluation

    I bought one of the Winegard RC-DT09 converter boxes as well as some other brands. I have noticed the RC-DT09 is being referred to as a battery powered box in some places on this forum. That is the exact model number of the one that I have and I do not see any indications of it being battery...
  6. Sparks


    I have purchased a few different brands of converter boxes for myself and have hooked up several more brands of them to help out neighbors. I might add that I provide that help for free to be a good neighbor since it is illegal in this state to hook up anything like this for hire or for other...