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  1. jerseygirl

    USB-Flash drives the new media?

    Well, you can think I am going nuts to post this here under DVD player, but my reason for this is: Can you image to have flash drives as data storage for movies? I am asking because I got the christmas files from my two sons this way. With a family living around the world you have to find a...
  2. jerseygirl

    Help- what was the name of this?

    We watched an episode, where a couple of builders remodelled a house, while the home-owners where sent on holiday. I remember, that there was something special about the familly. The father of the kids had died a short time before and the house was not finished yet. The family (a few kids -4...
  3. jerseygirl

    No toilets on trains?

    BBC News - Southern Railway to axe toilets from new train fleet :becky: Sometimes the British seemed to be a little crazy in my eyes. A journey of an hour is a short trip for a young passenger, but I know elderly people who need to visit the toilet every 45 minutes. So how should they do...
  4. jerseygirl

    web to go?

    Hello! As I already mentioned in an earlier post my familiy is now in Europe and here is something, which I really appreciate: You can get a so called "surfstick" put it in your laptop or wireless computer and can surf with a prepaid card the web. We have used this now a few weeks with our RV...
  5. jerseygirl

    List of TV station with free straming

    Has anybody found a list of free programms in the net? I am looking for free streaming of international (English speaking) countries. Has anybody found something like this?
  6. jerseygirl

    Danger in social sites

    No, I am not quoting any terms and conditions of facebook or Myspace or any site like them. There are people spying other people out with these sites. Right now there have been already a few burglaries which were based on information from social sites. I have seen on TV that a woman pointed...
  7. jerseygirl

    TVshack-help needed

    I have read the forum and found this wonderful site, but something is behaving wrong. The video itself starts and buffers and buffers (nearly a minute) than it runs smooth for 30 seconds and the buffering begins new. Is this right? Or do I have to do something to get the buffering quicker?
  8. jerseygirl

    Internet TV software

    Well, I am looking for a software that is having all webtv included. So I can jump from program to program and find my favorite shows. Does anybody know such a software? What do I need for it? How much should I pay for it?
  9. jerseygirl

    Lessons I have learned by life

    Years ago Suzy and I were having some coffee in a restaurant when an old friend called Mary came up. She did not recognize at first sight that Suzy was pregnant and said something like: "Looks like you are getting fat to her." She never excuses that sentence and sit a while with us and talked...
  10. jerseygirl

    Did you change your shopping?

    I wonder if anybody here is changing the way they shop in the supermarket. Instead of buying brandname products I do buy no-name products. Tried already a few of them and found them very good. Did you change the way you shop?
  11. jerseygirl

    Cash for car

    I recently saw a sign for Chrysler´s Double Cash For Your Old Car Incentive program. They seemed to offer $4500 for old cars.:hippie: Do you think this really works during this recession?
  12. jerseygirl

    Illegal or not-do you know?

    Having bought myself two Kindle e-readers. I have downloaded one e-book on one of them and already read it. No I want to give this Kindle with this e-book to my mother who is a slow reader. After she has finished that e-book, she will give that Kindle back to me. Right now I am not quite sure...
  13. jerseygirl

    Internet TV for outside UScitizens?

    Well, yesterday I tried to watch a film at "Hulu" and I got the message: We are sorry, our video library can only be streamed within the United States...." Yes, I know, my IP shows that I am not in US right now. So is there anything else like Hulu for what I do not need to be in USA...
  14. jerseygirl

    Are we getting stupid?

    Just read a book in German it is called "Generation dumm" (generation stupid). The intention of this book is that the generation born between 1966 and 2009 is getting more and more stupid. As example they have asked young folks: Is the Queen of Great Britain although the Queen of England? A...
  15. jerseygirl

    Did you know this?

    O.k. US is in debt, deep debt - this we all know. I never know how high (or deep) we are and whom we own money. Found this very interesting: U.S. National Debt Clock FAQ We may be should be very nice to the governments of: China, Mainland Japan...
  16. jerseygirl

    Windows 7 pre-order

    I love Windows 7 and I have one system at home running on Windows 7 RC. As all using it before release I gave them replies if something did not work or there were performance issues. Like all other users I was informed that I could get a half price pre-order on Windows 7. So I waited for that...
  17. jerseygirl

    Firefox driving me nuts

    Has anybody of you the latest firefox on his computer? I have and every time I stay on a tab for longer and click it I get a new window open. I really do not know why he does this. :violin: So does anybody have the same problem or knows a solution for it?
  18. jerseygirl

    Do you rent films online?

    I have made my first experiences with renting a film over itunes. Have to say I am not impressed at all. Not from the technique not from the whole variety of films they have there. Do you rent films this way? What experiences have you made with it?
  19. jerseygirl

    Which shows do you want to have back?

    Still I remember shows from my childhood and shows which I watched on TV years ago. And there are show which I really want to have back. I am not thinking of the old original shows. I am thinking of a make over and get it back on screen with a new cast. Do you remember the millionaire couple...
  20. jerseygirl


    Listen to someone, who was telling everybody that he had won 2000$ in poker playing. The way he told it, it sounded like easy money. But I do not believe in these easy money things- do you?