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  1. staticMHZ

    The future of "My Network TV"

    I read this on wikipedia. In the fall of 2009, myNetworkTV is scheduled to drop its status of a television network and transition to become a syndication programming service, reminiscent of the Universal Action Pack and Warner Bros.' Prime Time Entertainment Network...
  2. staticMHZ

    Radioshack Pro-135 Handheld Scanner unboxing

    Here's an unboxing video I did today of the Radioshack Pro-135 200 channel handheld scanner. It was on sale for $79.99. Still haven't played around with it much yet but it works great for local and out of town police, fire, weather and aircraft. I'm suprised it also picks up the CB band. It's...
  3. staticMHZ

    Shortwave, FM/AM DX'ing and radio listening hobby

    Anyone else like listening to shortwave bands? I was in radioshack today looking at antennas and I seen some nice shortwave rigs. Like Grundig for example. I seen alot of nice rigs for a good price. I'm thinking of getting one for DX'ing and listening to stations around the world. Anyone have a...
  4. staticMHZ

    Converter Boxes sending out Chipmunk audio?

    I've seen some people with boxes that when the picture breaks up from the signal being so weak the audio starts to skip and sounds like a chipmunk. Which box does this?
  5. staticMHZ

    RTN is coming to the Boston Market!

    We're finally getting RTN! I just found this out now. Now we'll have both RTN AND THIS! TVNEWSDAY - WMFP Boston Adding Retro TV Network
  6. staticMHZ

    Coat Hanger Antenna

    I built one this weekend and it works great. Better then a store bought pair of amplified ears. It is VERY VERY VERY directional though. If only I had an attic. This bad boy pulls in stuff WITHOUT an amplifier that my other antenna NEEDS an amplifier for. :mad:
  7. staticMHZ

    Reception Skip on the Analog!

    I was picking up something on channel 8 (analog side) last night. No idea what it was but it was covered in snow. Nobody in this market is using channel 8 so it might have been Maine or Rhode island. This was last night now it's gone again. Anyone remember getting reception from other states...
  8. staticMHZ

    Subchannel Chat (Over-the-air) ie: THIS TV, RTN, Independent Channels

    Let's talk about THIS TV,RTN, and other awesome sub-channels our affiliates have. Does your market have a THIS TV or RTN or other awesome sub-channels not available on analog basic cable? Do You enjoy the programming on THIS and RTN? How strong does they lock in on your equipment? I like...
  9. staticMHZ

    Found a sweet spot in my closet.

    So I dug up an old pair of rabbit ears with an amplifier, it's an RCA model but I'm not sure what the model is. It's the silver square one. Hooked it up to a looooong coax cable (about 6 feet), put my tv on and flipped through some channels. Did a scan and my tv's tuner found 6 channels!!! I...
  10. staticMHZ

    Poking fun at the DTV transition

    I wanted to take some time to poke some fun (and blast out the FCC and lobbyists for not handling this whole thing the right way) and talk about some annoyances about the nature of DTV broadcasts. We all know it's an all-or-nothing kinda thing. It's funny when I have friends over and we...
  11. staticMHZ

    If an outdoor antenna is not grounded.....

    What If you decided to use an outdoor antenna not grounded, but disconnected it during thunderstorms. Would that be safe?
  12. staticMHZ

    VHF digital vs UHF digital

    which one has a better coverage area? 1 station in my area is going back to VHF high after analog is terminated. I am afraid I might lose this station after they swap, right now I can recieve them good.
  13. staticMHZ

    Good reception during the night, bad during the day

    What could be the reason that my signal meter sky rockets during the night time, sometimes so high, that after do a scan I notice my tuner maps some extra channels without skips. Could it be because nothing is in the way during the night like different obstacles or such?
  14. staticMHZ

    Wind does effect reception, UHF vs VHF

    It really does! When we get high winds the pic breaks up and then when everything gets calm again the pic returns. Can someone tell me if VHF is better then UHF in terms of range and terrain? We have 1 channel in my market that is going back to VHF after june. (VHF-high)
  15. staticMHZ

    WENH-DT 11 has completed the digital transition!

    Analog broadcasts were shut down at 8:30 AM. (Durham, February 12, 2009) — On February 17th at 8:30 a.m., New Hampshire Public Television will shut down its full-power analog television signals on channels 11 (WENH-Durham), 49 (WLED-Littleton), and 52 (WEKW-Keene) and will transmit...
  16. staticMHZ

    Can anyone recommend me an outdoor antenna?

    My indoor amplified rabbit ears are starting to act up again. I lost some channels last night. Can anyone recommend me a good outdoor antenna? and how high would I have to mount it? I'm on the first floor.
  17. staticMHZ

    Post your channel logs here!

    Feel free to share how many channels you are pulling in. For both converter box users, and people who have a tv with a built in tuner, also, how are you liking DTV so far? Right now I am recieving on both analog and digital band - 2 - WGBH-TV (PBS) analog 4.1 - WBZ-DT (CBS) digital - 72%...
  18. staticMHZ

    This TV launched on WHDH 7.2

    This TV has been launched on WHDH's second standard def channel 7.2. The station broadcasts classic movies from pre 1980's as well as classic kids cartoons. This TV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia probably the best FREE channel I get. 24/7 movies! :D
  19. staticMHZ

    DTV Delay will cost PBS and other networks over 22 million

    Interesting article. NEW YORK — Delaying the upcoming digital TV transition for four months would cost public broadcasters $22 million, the PBS system chief estimated on Monday. Paula Kerger, president and CEO of the Public...
  20. staticMHZ

    Just Recived mine: Quick Review

    Well well well, I can say we definetly have a winner here in my case. I ordered one online with my last coupon, and it's definetly a big step up from the magnavox TB100MW9. I am recieving 9 channels in total. This is the most I've ever gotten. 4.1 - WBZ-TV 2.1 - WGBH-HD (PBS) (high def) 2.2...