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    Who can tell me about this one

    Can anyone here tell me about this brand of converter box. What are the features and whatever else you may know or have heard about it would be great.
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    Looking for a good brand

    I am looking for a good brand of a converter box. I read the other thread but want to know if anyone here has really had much experience with the brand and how they liked it.
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    replacing lost or stolen coupons

    What if I lose my coupon before I get the chance to use it. Or what if it gets stolen. How can I get a replacement coupon (or two). I do not expect this will happen but want to know.
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    What if

    What if I cannot find a retailer that will take my coupon. I want to have all the answers before I set out to do this.You know better safe than sorry.
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    temporary turn off of analog

    a friend told me that television stations are temporarily turning off their analog signals for short periods of time—10 seconds, 30 seconds—to help consumers see whether they need to take action? what is the deal with this and who is doing it.
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    Will I receive high definition tv

    Will I receive high definition tv with my converter box? How does this work, I am new to all this and the reception thing as well. Help!
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    How much room do I need

    How much room will I need for the converter box? I am not sure if they are the basic size of a DVD player or what. Please if you know, I would like to know.
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    another question

    I have another question regarding the converter boxes. Does someone have to come to my house to install the converter box, or is this something that I myself can do or a friend.
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    How much is the cost of the converter box

    So, I am curious to know, before I go looking for one. What is the average cost of the converter boxes? Is there a price range or what can I expect to pay.
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    The best place to buy

    Where is the best place to buy a converter box, and what other places have them. Are they on display or can you see how they function?
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    Using the coupon

    Do I have to use both of my coupons at one time, or can I use them at different places during different times or days? I really need some help.
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    What to do when we get the coupon

    Ok, now that I have gotten my coupon, what do I do next? I know I have to buy a converter box, but where would I go that will take the coupon?