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    Sony Morpheus VR just announced

    While 3D TV has largely failed to capture the imagination, Sony's shot across the Oculus Rift's bow looks promising...
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    HDMI out from PC to Hometheater problems

    I have a good gaming PC and would like to run Steam Bigscreen to my home theater and I have the HDMI out running to my home theater receive but i have issues with figuring out the resolutions and making the sound work. I have nVidia GTX580s in Dual SLi.
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    Glory Kickboxing on Spike TV

    Anyone following Glory? Pat Barry retired from MMA and signed on to return to kickboxing in Glory. Some great fighters in this promotion and seeing it every month on Spike TV primetime is pretty rad. Seeing Mirko Crocop square off with Remy Bonjasky was a great fight...not sure how Remy won...
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    When Does Baseball Start to Matter?

    With what, 182 games in a season, I find it hard to get excited about baseball until September. When do you guys get hyped about it? Pitchers and Catchers? Opening Day? Playoffs?
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    NY Rangers Take 1 Step Forward and 2 Steps Back...

    I have been a lifelong Rangers fan and a huge fan of Ryan Callahan, I have an authentic jersey with his name and number, so seeing him traded to TB for Marty St. Louis was tough but for the short term St. Louis is an upgrade and essential for a deep playoff run. I reckon him on the same line...
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    UFC 171 Lawler vs. Hendricks

    Been looking forward to this card for a while now. Both guys are willing to stand in the pocket and bang out, but I reckon Johnny will look for the takedown early and often since Robbie is straight lethal on the feet and his wrestling game is suspect. Definitely worth the PPV price tag.