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  1. BCF68

    Crazy trop today

    Anyone else experiencing it? So I'm getting in WBXX which is 210 miles away. I've gotten this station in before, but it's nearly 10 AM and my meter reading is at 70( takes 30 for a station to come in digitalstream box ). Never has lasted that long before. Got 3 stations in from Virginia which...
  2. BCF68

    Kerry and Snowe in hurry to kill off OTA TV

    And they say both sides can't come together on the issues. Senate Communications Subcommittee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Commerce Committee member Olympia Snowe (R-Me.) are pushing the Federal Communications Commission to conclude its white spaces proceeding and open up the spectrum...
  3. BCF68

    NAB President Smith: Broadcasters Aren't 'Spectrum ATM'

    NAB President Smith: Broadcasters Aren't 'Spectrum ATM' - 2010-04-12 17:01:00 | Multichannel News This pretty much sums up the FCC attitude about OTA He said broadcasters were willing to volunteer to try to resolve any broadband problems, and to "embrace" a broadband plan that was "truly...
  4. BCF68

    FM radio interference

    I just bought 50 feet of RG6 unshielded coax to test an antenna on a TV towards the front of the house. To my surprise I find it appearantly makes a great FM radio antenna even when not hooked up to the antenna. Mainly on analog Ch 9 but some into Ch 10. Makes sense since the station that comes...