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  1. nbound-au

    Cuba adopts Chinese DTV standard.

    Cuba to use Chinese digital TV standard CCTV News - CNTV English Cuba adopts Chinese TV standard | Advanced Television ----------------------- Cuba has officially adopted the Chinese DTV standard (DTMB), to me this is obviously a politically motivated choice, which is neither here or there at...
  2. nbound-au

    Stations using DTS

    Gday all, Wondering if you guys could lend me a hand, im after a list of stations with on-channel repeaters (ie. DTS systems) [similar to SFN systems in DVB-T land]. Heres my list so far... WPSU - 810k/50k - PBS WTVE - 8x sites (126k/110-4.25k) - Independant/AMG WVPT - 3.2k/40/8 - PBS WVPY -...
  3. nbound-au

    Australian DTV

    I figured I might create some blog posts comparing our DTV systems. I have mentioned the differences in various posts but this should keep the information all in one spot. Basics Analog: Australia uses the 576 line PAL B broadcast system. USA uses the 480 line NTSC broadcast system. Digital...
  4. nbound-au

    DVB-T2 Trial in the USA

    Or straight from the horses mouth here: According to the experimental license grant, there will be a small number of daytime trial hours aswell. I doubt the...
  5. nbound-au

    Your OTA Installation!

    My home antenna in Canberra, ACT - Australia: Antenna used: Bitek Australia (Alright, but better models available for more coin - dont really need them in my location though) Very good signal area, but obviously no TV Fool here. System requires heavy attenuation otherwise it will overload...
  6. nbound-au

    Your OTA Installation!

    Tell us all about your OTA installation (any and all of the following are optional): Add a picture! Add a cabling diagram or description... TVFool results... How many stations do you get? How many channels do you get? Bonus points for lots of stations/channels or tricky installations.
  7. nbound-au

    Show us YOUR transmitter! (Slow connections need not apply [Sorry!])

    Black Mountain Tower (AKA. Telstra Tower) Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia (pop: 370,000) Tower Height: 195.2m (640.4ft) Black Mountain Height: 812m ASL (2664ft ASL), or 256m (840ft) above city. Combined prominence above city: 451.2m (1480ft) Designed to replace several other facilities in...
  8. nbound-au

    Show us YOUR transmitter! (Slow connections need not apply [Sorry!])

    Now we all know theres some pretty interesting antenna farms and transmitters around. Post yours here... Give us some basic information such as (just skip if you are unsure)- Who broadcasts from there... ERP... Location... A little history... And some pretty pictures :thumb:
  9. nbound-au

    TV around the world

    Vertically polarised VHF goodness ;)
  10. nbound-au

    TV around the world

    Just thought Id create a thread for people to discuss TV around the world (including the USA, but not exclusive to it). Topics: What standards are being used Digital Switchovers Federal Broadcating Authorities (FCC equivalents) TV reception predictors (TVFool equivalents) Broadcasters...