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    Annoying Accent

    When I watched this show last week, I was so annoyed with the accent that she had when she talked. There were those very high pitched squeaks that would often occur for her that made me cringe.
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    Worst Ever?

    When you were watching this show, who do you think was the worst singer that you ever saw? There had to of been someone that stuck out from the rest that just burned your ears.
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    When Will CRT Die?

    Since all the new types of TVs are being introduced into the market and the mainstream society, when do you think the sales of the CRT TVs will die off? Do you think it will be anytime soon?
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    Size of your projector?

    If you have a projector in your house, what size screen do you usually have it on when you use it? I have mine on a 108" screen in my basement. It looks fantastic for anything.