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    Cutting the cord

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    Cutting the cord

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    How to link or refer to posts in a different forum?

    If I want to start a thread in a forum and want to link the conversation to a thread posted in a different forum, how should I do that?
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    Question: DVR's for OTA, "Cutting the Cord" and replacing equipment.

    Getting rid of FIOS and going with OTA and streaming internet only. I'm looking for feedback on any DVR experiences, good or bad. Specifically, what do you think about the "Simple TV" device. With a hard drive and network, I could use that to send recorded shows to any smart device in the house...
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    Cutting the cord

    There are so many variables, testing different configurations is driving me crazy. I've tested different wires, antenna's, even tried connecting two of the three antenna's together. When I did that, I gained 1 channel but lost three others. So, I am changing one thing at a time. The best antenna...
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    Cutting the cord

    I have gone through the detail and taken measurements of the antenna(s). I'm getting 43 separate channels, not counting the duplicates. It seems that the low band UHF are weak, and I was having problems with channel 6.1 ABC; but after changing antenna's and making a better connection, I'm...
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    What options to consider when buying a DVR for OTA?

    Getting ready to cut the cord, going OTA and internet streaming. I'm looking for a DVR to hook up to one antenna and would like to have multi-room playback and good features for programming, etc... What specific options are available for setting up a house system with one device? We have...
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    Cutting the cord

    These were installed together, each are same model and pointed (hung) exactly the same in every aspect. Maybe they used them to feed different rooms. I'm going to post a photo and a cropped close up and will get back to post if I find any markings.
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    Cutting the cord

    Our home has three large antennas in the attic, they all happen to face exactly in the correct direction of our primary tv market. I've connected to one of the antennas and get a great signal, picked up 48 digital channels. Why would someone have three large antennas in the attic. Should I...