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    Is Verizon Fios any good?

    I'm getting a lot of literature from them and would like to know what current or past subscribers think. I don't even know what Fios is.
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    Size of Cable Boxes

    How come cable boxes are so many different sizes? My bro has an HD one that is big and loud. My aunt has a set top box that is also big but not as big as the HD, and I have a really small one.
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    Poor Reception but only on certain channels

    This is so frustrating to me because it's not something that occurs regularly but it happens enough that it is annoying. Certain channels will have bad reception while others are perfect. It's not just high band channels either. The one time they came out it played fine (darn it). The next...
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    Converter Box Programming Guides Are Lacking

    These guides don't tell me hardly anything about what is on. I'm going OTA by choice but I sure do miss the more informational guides that I had when I subscribed to cable.
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    cable box not connecting error

    I'm getting some strange error message about the box not connecting. It's intermitent. Am hoping for ideas on what might be wrong or how to fix it. We're never home when they want to come out.
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    Not getting good reception with antenna

    If you have suggestions, please give them. I have read some of the discussions here and went to this tvfool site. With my antenna, I should be getting several channels that I'm not. I'm not getting any of the 'yellow' ones and only about half of the green ones. TV Fool
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    Broken Remote

    My kid had a bout of time out rage and took out the remote to the DTV Pal converter box we have. This thing doesn't have buttons to work it. What can I do beside toss the thing and buy a new converter box?
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    Broad people

    I have a new Samsung TV that looks real sharp. I have only one complaint. When I watch it it looks like everyone is so broad. It really looks odd and awkward. The TV is a 32 incher. Is this normal?
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    Antenna won't fit converter

    My problem is that my antenna (rabbit ears) won't fit into the DTV converter box. Have I wasted my money or how can I get it to plug in?
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    Parental Control Password for directv

    I have a problem. I have forgotten the parental control password. Can I reset it? How?
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    Hooking up my DTV Converter Box to a DVR

    For Christmas a friend gave me a DVR but I can't figure out how to hook it up to my TV. It's an older Zenith TV (analog style). I have a good, working antenna so no reception issues. I only want to be able to record on the DVR.
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    The Best Internet TV Option

    What is the best way/option/service for Internet TV? There are a lot of names bandied about, but regardless of price, which is actually the best? Money isn't a problem.
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    Xbox and Cox

    No matter what, I can't seem to set up my Xbox to run on Cox Cable. Am I missing something that I need in order to set it up?
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    Vizio and LG - are they any good?

    On the internet I see a lot of Vizio and LG TVs but I've never heard of them before. Are they as good as the more well known manufacturers? They cost less. Can I trust these units?
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    Comcast HD Grainy Picture

    I've noticed that the picture from my HD cable box looks real grainy if I'm closer than say 4 or 5 feet. It's not all of the channels but it is most of them. Shouldn't I have a crystal clear picture?
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    Seeking Opinions on

    Check out this Philips PET729/37 – 7 Inch LCD Portable TV / DVD Player. It says it gets free TV. I'm looking for something small and portable like this. Do you think it's a good deal and reliable?
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    Start Up Delays on New TVs

    Why is it that new tvs have a delay when you turn them on? It can take several seconds before there is picture and sound.
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    Taking down the old antenna

    I plan to replace my old TV antenna very soon. I was thinking of selling it for scrap metal or something. The thing is useless. I wonder how much it weighs. It's just an average antenna.
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    Fiber OPTIC cable

    Is fiber optic cable better than regular cable lines, and if so, how? Our cabler is pushing the fact they've gone fiber optic.
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    Maui or Nowhere

    Any Hawaiian travelers around here? We love this place. It took us years to get here, but we'll never leave, except for vacations, natch!