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    Question: antenna project for apartment complex

    hello, i am researching the feasibility of installing a common antenna for an 8-plex complex. i understand distribution amps significantly degrade signals but is there a kind that is designed for this kind of setup? thanks.
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    can my FiOS share the same run as antenna coax?

    I am planning to split an antenna four ways using a distribution amp. I was wondering if my FiOS internet (I DON'T HAVE FIOS TV - thus why I am using antenna.) I would like to share the same coax and get a couple of MoCA adapters. Would that work and if so would it degrade the signal either...
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    Question: question about pre-amp and distribution amp

    Hello forum, I live in a duplex and want to put up an antenna that my neighbor can also split off of. I am intending to use a gable mount and go up about 8 feet above the roofline. According to the antenna test I need a large directional (blue and violet color code.) All of the installation...