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    What shows you disliked as child

    I used to look at shows that parent like but I couldn't Knight Rider, Bob Newhart show and etc. What about you?
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    See...DH being ax

    I am the only that can see this being cancel in probably another 1 or so..depending if their storylines get boring.
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    Breaking Bad

    Does anyone been watch this show on AMC....I think it just good as the other AMC show.
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    Direct and Dish

    I just want to comment did anyone know that Direct and Dish arent competitors but actually own by the same people.
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    Missed Grey Atanomy

    Please could anybody fill me in on the show...I have to work at nite sometimes and I missed the show for the past two months. I would watch it online but having troubling viewing and recaps (summary) leaves me hanging!!!TIA:pop2:
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    Provider Serivces

    I would just to like ask everyone where do they received the Cox Cable Services, I get mines in the Central Ga. area and beeen with them for many years now.
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    American Idol

    I been missing the American Idol for the past two weeks...can anyone fill me in on what I been missing. TIA