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  1. n2rj

    Watch out for that falling TV!

    Record Number Of People Killed By Falling TVs And Furniture In 2011 « CBS Pittsburgh Looks like a lot of them are falling on kids. Most of ours are wall mounted. When we get the replacement for the living room, it will also be securely wall mounted.
  2. n2rj

    Budget Priced Tablet Buying Guide

    Netflix had to go and support each device individually, so yes they support a lot of them now. They made an effort and spent a lot of development time. But they are an exception rather than the rule.
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    Budget Priced Tablet Buying Guide

    The issue with Hulu+ is DRM. Unlike iOS, Android does not have a system wide DRM scheme. Each manufacturer has their own, so this means that potentially people on unsupported devices can save streamed content. Rights holders don't like that. Netflix also won't run on unsupported devices...
  4. n2rj

    New app "Viggle" gives you rewards for watching TV

    Watch TV, get rewarded. I used to work with a couple of people in that company. Completely legit. New iPhone App Rewards TV Watchers
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    TV commercial that targets dogs with high pitched sounds

    Advertising is a necessary evil in the TV business. It annoys customers who are finding ever increasing ways to not view them, yet it pays the bills. Ads are typically designed for humans to see and hear but purina is now targeting dogs in its latest ad campaign. Literally: Snouts in Your...
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    Industry icon, Don Rohn (Rohn towers) passes away

    Wireless Estimator - Breaking News If you've ever had anything to do with a tower, you've probably heard of Rohn. If you're a ham, you probably dreamed of a owning a Rohn tower (or two, or three, five, or ten) now and again. Don got his start building TV towers and was the first manufacturer...
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    Is Dish network aggressively advertising on the radio in your market?

    I listen to 540 AM WFLA streaming for Coast to Coast AM, and I've been hearing a LOT of ads for dish network... usually along the theme of "cable giants are raising rates, get dish network, disable the cable" etc. Seems like they're getting aggressive in the central Florida market. But are...
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    Unions want Gov to stop transfer of NJN to WNET

    Surprise, surprise NJN article at news 12 NJ NJN is heavily union supported as well. The nightly news is sponsored by the NJEA.
  9. n2rj

    Converter boxes at walgreens

    I saw in the flyers in the sunday papers that Walgreen's pharmacy has DTV converter boxes for $30. So if you're still looking for one, that may be a source. I'll double check and see if I can scan the ad.
  10. n2rj

    Product name changes, beware!

    This morning on one of my ham radio mailing lists they were talking about rust protection products. Knowing that a lot of these guys are old timers, they know about products from many years ago. One such product is Duro Extend. Problem is, Duro has been acquired by Loctite and is now Loctite...
  11. n2rj

    Car hit by lightning

    Ever happened to you? Car hit by lightning
  12. n2rj

    Is AT&T a spectrum Hog?

    Is AT&T a wireless spectrum hog? | Signal Strength - CNET News AT&T holds more spectrum than the other carriers, yet is complaining loudest about a spectrum crunch and wants to buy T-Mobile. What's going on here?
  13. n2rj

    Mug shot of the day

    MCSO: Mugshots I have to admit, Sheriff Joe is pretty creative.
  14. n2rj

    Feds shut down online poker sites

    Online poker companies charged with illegal gambling: report | Reuters Looks like the party is coming to an end. I had no idea how they were able to operate for so long.
  15. n2rj

    Rumor mill: Wii will drop to $150

    The rumor mill around the net is saying that the Wii will drop to $150 soon. I remember when it was going for above the MSRP, and the only way you could get one was to wait out in line in the cold/rain, pay a premium on ebay or be extremely lucky. I walked into Game Stop one day when they just...
  16. n2rj

    Dish buys blockbuster It has been kicked about for a while, but it looks like Charlie's going to own Blockbuster. Hopefully this will mean better streaming options/ondemand for Dish subscribers or maybe a proper streaming...
  17. n2rj

    Promotional pricing for one year but prices increase?

    My mom got Dish network about 8 months ago. She signed up for a promotion where she would get 1 year for $29.99. Then 8 months into it, her price gets raised to $39.99. She called Dish and they claimed that because of the price increases with the networks they have to raise the price. But the...
  18. n2rj

    Utah creates... immigration law?

    Utah Governor Signs Landmark Immigration Bills - Fox News Latino Hmm. MrPogi, any comment on this one? I'd like to see the whitehouse sue to stop this one. After all they sued Arizona claiming that immigration is the exclusive jurisdiction of the feds.
  19. n2rj

    Facebook is streaming movies Cool! Never thought I'd see THAT coming, but they are pretty much getting into everything these days.
  20. n2rj

    New UVerse STB with Wifi Seems pretty cool, but what are they going to use it for? My guess is whole home DVR. But I wonder if apartment complexes could be "wired" with wifi instead of running individual drops?