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    This Season's Episodes

    Is it me or are this seasons shows even funnier than before. It seems loke there trying to make Charlie a nice guy, but still keeps screwing up with all these women. Last night's show was hilarious with him trying to help an ex-teacher turned stripper.
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    Movies on the Fox Movie Channel

    I love watching movies on FMC. They are uncut and run commercial free. The only problem is there isn't a huge selection of movies as they seem to run the same ones over and over.
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    The World Series on Fox

    I've been watching the baseball playoffs this year because I'm a Phillies fan. I think Tim McCarver abd Joe Buck do a great job with Fox covering the games. I'm looking forward to watching the World Series.
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    Even though I've probably seen every episode about ten times, I still think this is the best TV show ever. There never has been or ever will be a show with such clever writing and a keen sense of humor.
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    Favorite Home Related Channel

    What is your favorite channel for all home related topics. I like to watch HGTV the best. I think they have a great selection of home shows and you can really learn how to do some interesting things both inside and outside the house.
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    LCD and Plasma

    As I'm in the market for a new TV, would you recommend a plasma or a LCD or even something else out there I don't even know about? I have tried to ask this question at an electronics store and it seems to depend on the particular sales person's preference.
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    Fit TV

    I have been watching this channel quite a bit lately. The have a great diversity of shows geared toward living a healthy life style. There are workout shows that can appeal to just about anyone. One of the best teaches you how to perform Yoga.
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    Stormy Weather

    I'm in the Mid-Atlantic and in the middle a pretty bad storm. Fortunately it isn't causing much damage as opposed to some recent hurricanes. I do love a good rain and wind storm as long as it doesn't get too severe.
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    New show on National Geographic

    I saw a new show that is going to be on the National Geographic Channel that looks to be pretty interesting. I'm not sure of the actual title but it has to do with very dangerous repair jobs. I can only imagine what risks people have to take to fix certain problems.
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    NFL Network

    I'm a big NFL fan, but I never thought having a channel devoted totally to the sport would ever work. I now find myself watching it all the time, even more than ESPN. I think there is a big market for more specialty channels that are devoted to one topic. I hope to see more innovative...
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    Second Season Premier

    I thought last night's seasons premier episode was a great start to this show's second year. They take nerdyness to a whole new level, as each of the characters try and out do one another.
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    Worst Week Ever

    Did anyone watch this new show last night? I thought it was really funny, especially the scene in the kitchen. I hope they can continue to make this show as funny as the premier.
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    Watching this more or less than before?

    I use to watch Deal or No Deal quite a bit when it first aired, but lately I hardly watch it at all. To me it's one of those shows that I'll watch if nothing else is on at that time. I still get a kick when someone gets greedy and ends up winning way less than their highest offer.
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    How many channels?

    Does anyone know exactly how many channels DirecTV has that actually have programming? I can spend hours just scrolling through channels and still can't find something I really want to watch. I wonder when they will start going into the 1000's.