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    Guide to LCD HDTV Features or What Features are Worth Paying For?

    Ill flesh this out later. Put some more meat on them bones. Dont waste your money on 3D (Passive 3D more desireable IMO if you go that route) Smart TV/Internet WiFi (though this can be kind of unavoidable) (The many off board solutions are better and more easily (and cheaply) upgradeable)...
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    USB Hub Buyer's Guide

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    USB Hub Buyer's Buying Guide

    Recently I was shopping for a new USB Hub for my home base computer system. This is my experience. All these devices are USB 2.0. The last time I went shopping for a USB Hub, the choice came down to the Targus ACH81US 7-Port USB Hub or the CyberPower 7-Port USB Hub. Both offered decent...
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    Chinese manufacturing is putting out top quality products

    It's a simple as that. Interestingly enough, I just sold vintage rifle scope on ebay to a fellow in China. In our communication, it turns out that he is purchasing it for a company in order to reverse engineer it for the purpose of producing new versions of it. I have also sold vintage...
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    Sorry, America: Your wireless airwaves are full

    Sorry, America: Your wireless airwaves are full
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    Oligarchy: 6 Media Conglomerates Dominate and Control American Television

    source Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your Television
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    The Politics of Family Ties and All in the Family

    Anybody remember that show, with Alex P. Keaton, the arch conservative son, with the post hippie parents? This show was set up to criticize and mock conservative principles or at least leftwing strawmen characaturess of them, in a similar fashion that All in the Family did. However the show...
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    Vintage Computer Stuff

    Here is the Hayes Smartmoden promotional video from the early 80s. Those old Hayes Modems were sweet looking! Here is Granny circa 1981 rockin a sweet Hayes Smartmodem! Now 1200 Baud! 1200Mbps!
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    Article: Guide to Internet Streaming Devices

    Guide to Internet Streaming Devices The Pros and Cons of Internet Streaming Devices by EscapeVelocity March 6, 2011 Internet streaming of video has gone mainstream, and you want to get in on the action, but with so many devices out there to choose from which one is right for you? This guide...
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    Great Flat Panel Sets from Yesteryear

    Please share your memories of the sets that you drooled over or were notable for some reason. 2004 Sharp D4U series LCD - This is the first series of Flat Panels I really paid any attention too. Before this, they were only a quick glance dream. Interestingly, Sharp had a 45" panel size that...
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    Kylo Web Browser Targets TV Couch Potatoes

    Via Wired
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    Win a Roku XD/S Box and 1 Year of Hulu Plus Free!

    Roku and Hulu have teamed up to give away 25 Roku's with 1 Year of Hulu Plus free. Giving away 5 a day all weekend. What you have to do to "enter"... Add Roku and Hulu to your Following on Twitter then Tweet or ReTweet this... "Win a Roku XD|S and 1yr of Hulu Plus! Retweet this and follow...
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    My Roku Box Experience (and Video Download Services)

    I thought I would share my experience, in my first real foray into Video Download Services, via the Roku Box. The Roku Box is an Internet Streamer Set Top Box for you Television. I have setup... Netflix Watch Instantly (paid subscriber) Amazon on Demand Pod Hub MHz Networks TuneIn Radio...
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    WCSC Channel 5 Charleston: Free DTV antenna giveaway ends

    These were ClearStream2 antennas. Very nice promotion by WCSC and Antennas Direct!
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    NYT: Great Holiday Expectations for E-Readers

    Via The New York Times
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    Comcast says Google TV is not compatible with their TV Everywhere service

    Comcast says Google TV is not compatible with their TV Everywhere service
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    Do you watch any Web Series programs?

    Several high production value web series discussed. Via The New York Times
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    What DVD Players do you have?

    Im limiting myself to consumer electronics versions and not computer drives. Panasonic S97 Oppo 970HD Panasonic RP56 Looking to get a Philips 5990/5992
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    What esoteric shows do you like?

    Im going to recommend Wild Palms - An Oliver Stone mini series from the early 90s, cyberpunk themes. Set in 2007 Los Angeles, with Jim Belushi, Kim Katrall, Robert Loggia, Dana Delany. TekWar - A Universal production, based on William Shatner science fiction series. Shatner was involved in...