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    > BACK From the Abyss, Join and post at will!

    HTPC Forums, while laying dormant for the last few years, is now accepting new users. As always, this site is THE place to come when you want to talk about HTPCs or other interesting stuff. You will no longer need to be manually validated so once you sign up you can post as soon as you verify...
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    NewEgg Spammers, Stop it

    If you see a post largely consisting of links to newegg, please report does fall into the category of spam. If you want to get advice about which products to purchase, you may post links to products on the manufacturers' pages but DO NOT link to Newegg or any other web store unless it...
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    How to design and build your own HTPC., Newbie Guide to the HTPC

    So you have decided to build a PC for your home theater system, but you do not know where to begin. This guide is designed to teach you the basics of how to design and build an HTPC. We do not get too in depth, this is only to provide a very general overview. The home theater system of today is...